It Has Been 19 Years For Bebe Cool And Zuena

They Are Still Growing Stronger

By  | Jan 25, 2021, 12:42 PM  | Relationships

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Zuena met Bebe Cool in 2002 at Miss Uganda's farewell party for Miss Uganda who was living for China at the time, the event was being held in Jinja.

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Zuena recalls that on his first attempt to make a move at her, she declined to give Bebe Cool a chance because he was looking untidy.

Bebe cool was putting on a vest, with dreadlocks and they were at the party when he asked for her number.

Later that night, they bumped into each other at the after-party at Club Silk, this is when Bebe Cool after insisted on Zuena got her number.

However, he only earned the number after the two interacted and gained mutual understanding.

19 years later, the two have built a strong bond and incredible family together.

They two have been through breaks and a lot of criticism.
But they have grown tough skins to face all the hardships they have met, to celebrate this memorable day, Bebe Cool penned down a heartfelt message for his beautiful wife.

“Today marks 19 years of love, care between my beautiful wife Zuena. I have nothing but full respect for you my wife because you have loved, cared for, and been there for me. I pray that Allah protects, guides us through our love and life dream as a family. Thank you for loving me, Zuena. I love you.”

This marks the beginning of a new journey full of love and care.
Happy 19th anniversary Bebe Cool and Zuena.

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