He spent USh444 Million on Me - Jackie Chandiru

He was balling.

By  | Oct 09, 2020, 07:07 AM  | Jackie Chandiru  | Relationships

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‘Golddigger’ singer Jackie Chandiru recently opened up about the price her now ex-husband who is a diplomat paid for her dowry and wedding.

"I told him if he wanted to marry me we had to do everything here. We monetized the cows instead of presenting them as a whole. In my culture, a parent is paid some amount for bringing me up. I went to the best schools. So, it’s like paying my father back for bringing me up. My whole wedding plus dowry cost roughly 120,000$ (444,297,480 Ugandan shillings). The wedding had 15 people while my wedding reception had 25 people,”
she revealed on Kenya’s Milele FM.

Unfortunately, the couple did not even make it to their 6th wedding anniversary as Jackie became hooked to drugs.
 “It lasted for five years (the marriage). We did not quarrel nor was there infidelity. it was me who made the divorce happen. I got addicted to painkillers and he couldn’t handle it as it had started affecting his work as a diplomat. my addiction tainted his image and I felt bad for him. At he was not for the idea but he started losing millions, so we got through with the divorce,” Jackie said when talking about the dark turn of events on the station.
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