Jacob Oulanyah's Wife And Their Divorce Drama

May he rest in peace

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Jacob Oulanyah and his wife Winnie Ammo
The sudden demise of politician/ lawyer Jacob Oulanyah on 20th March 2022 left the country in shock. Until his untimely death, Jacob Oulanyah had been serving as the speaker of parliament and member of parliament for the Omoro County constituency.

Although Jacob Oulanyah will be remembered for his work as a politician, the drama in his private life which often found its way to the media, will also not be forgotten any time soon.

In his lifetime, the late Jacob Oulanyah was married twice and had a total of five children- three from his first marriage and two from his second marriage.

Here is a look at Jacob Oulanyah’s wife and children from his second marriage, his scandalous divorce, as well a brief look at his first marriage.

Who was Jacob Oulanyah’s wife?

Jacob Oulanyah and his second wife- Winnie, source: Matooke

The late Jacob Oulanyah’s wife was Winnie Ammo Okot. Their marriage was not short of drama and their dirty laundry was always aired in public for hungry gossip columnists to feed on.

Jacob Oulanyah’s wife came from a political background. She is the daughter of MP Santa Okot. Her father unfortunately reportedly passed on in 1993.

Winnie Ammo Okot and the former Speaker exchanged vows in January 2013 in a colourful wedding ceremony at Munyonyo, and although the two vowed before God and before man that only death would do them part, trouble paid them a visit pretty early and they abandoned their vows.

In July 2015, after a crossfire of accusations and angry words between them, Jacob Oulanyah and his wife filed for divorce and in 2016 the divorce was finalized, but that was not the end.

Talking to Daily Monitor about his divorce, Jacob Oulanyah revealed that his marriage was beyond salvaging and that’s why he decided to get a divorce.

He accused his wife of causing him emotional stress, withholding conjugal rights, mistreating his children from his first marriage and demanding to wear his late wife’s clothes and jewelry, Winnie Ammo accused Oulanyah of infidelity and being unsupportive of their two daughters.

Jacob Oulanyah and Winnie Ammo after divorce

The late Jacob Oulanyah, source: Instagram

As part of the divorce settlement, Jacob Oulanyah was ordered by the court to pay monthly child support to Winnie Ammo for their two children, but it was something that still brought friction between the estranged couple.

Despite their bitter divorce, after Jacob Oulanyah passed on, Winnie Ammo Okot joined other Ugandans in eulogizing him and left a sweet tribute for him on Facebook, saying that his memory would live on forever.

Did Jacob Oulanyah’s wife remarry?

Winnie Ammo, her husband and children, source: Facebook

After their divorce, Jacob Oulanyah’s ex-wife permanently relocated to the USA with their two daughters and found love again in the arms of a mzungu.

In 2021, after five years of being divorced, Winnie Ammo Okot walked down the aisle for the second time and exchanged vows with a mzungu identified as Derek Allison. Together with her new husband, Winnie Ammo is raising their three beautiful children together- her two daughters from her marriage to Jacob Oulanyah and a son with Derek.

Jacob Oulanyah’s first wife

Before his marriage to Winnie Ammo Okot (now Allison,) Jacob Oulanyah had been married to another woman Dorothy Nangwale Oulanyah.

Dorothy was a children’s activist who fought fiercely against human rights violations and advocated for children’s rights. 

Their marriage, which was blessed with three children- two girls and a boy, ended in 2009 after Dorothy’s sudden and untimely death.

During the divorce proceedings for his second marriage, the late Jacob Oulanyah disclosed that he had experienced a happy marriage with his wife, at least they are now reunited.
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