Meet Karole Kasita's Boyfriend

Did we just uncover her mystery man?

By  | May 31, 2022, 06:56 PM  | Relationships

Karole Kasita, Karole Kasita
The gorgeous Karole Kasita is a singer/ songwriter who is known for her musical abilities as well as her remarkable sense of fashion.

The Balance hitmaker has been in the limelight for several years now and in the short amount of time, she has grown on us and has gathered a legion of loyal fans across East Africa.

One thing that always remains a mystery about the dancehall musician is her love life which she has somehow always kept private.

Today we take a look at this musician’s love life and reveal who Karole Kasita’s boyfriend is, and a brief history of her dating life.

Karole Kasita’s boyfriend

Karole Kasita and Feffe Bussi, source: Instagram

In a recent interview with Spark TV, the beautiful dancehall musician opened up about her love life. She revealed that she is not yet officially married but that she is very much in love.

Although she did not reveal who the man in her life is, there have been speculations and rumours that popular rapper Frank Mukiiza, aka Feffe Bussi is Karole Kasita’s boyfriend.

The speculations were popularized after an audio recording of their phone conversation surfaced early in the year. In the conversation, the two lovebirds who had been private until recently, were all romantic and lovey-dovey to each other, calling each other “baby” and “love of my life.”

A few days after the phone conversation went public, Feffe Bussi confirmed that he had been the one in the conversation with Karole Kasita. He also revealed that the whole conversation had been a publicity stunt to promote their upcoming song Ebyo Byoli and that he and Karole Kasita are not dating and for now the identity of Karole Kasita’s boyfriend remains a mystery.

Did Karole Kasita and her boyfriend fight?

Karole Kasita, source: Instagram

Sometime in June 2020, Karole Kasita and her boyfriend trended for the wrong reasons. Things became nasty when Karole Kasita started throwing words at each other during a live Q&A with her fans on Instagram.

Her unidentified boyfriend allegedly accused her of being disrespectful to him and he grabbed her phone. Things went south pretty quick as Karole Kasita retaliated and a war of words reportedly ensued.  

Although the video did not portray both Karole and her mysterious man in good light, at least her fans enjoyed the drama.

It’s not clear whether the man with whom Karole Kasita was involved in the fight is the same man who is her current boyfriend.

What happened between Karole Kasita and Daddy Andre?

A couple of years ago, there was a rumour going around that Karole Kasita and Daddy Andre were romantically involved.

This rumour like the one about Karole Kasita and Feffe Bussi emerged while Karole and Daddy Andre were working together on their hit song Baby Papa and the two were seen hanging out a little more than expected.

Karole Kasita denied being romantically involved with Daddy Andre and reaffirmed that the two were only working together.

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