Princess Ruth Komuntale Appears To Rubbish Break Up Rumors

The fairy tale continues

By  | Oct 26, 2021, 02:56 PM  | Relationships

Princess Roth Komuntale and hubby Phillip Anthony.
Following reports that Princess Ruth Komuntale had broken up with her husband, the Tooro Princess has taken to social media to show her followers, and indeed the world, that she is still seemingly together with her hubby.

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The Princess posted a photo to her Instagram to let her followers know that all is well in her kingdom when it comes to her relationship with hubby, Phillip Anthony. In the photo, the two are embracing each other and seem to be enjoying each other’s company. 

She seemed to comment on the reports as she quoted Michelle Obama in her caption, saying “When they aim low, we aim high”.  The Princess went on to add that even though there is hate in the world she knows that there is also a huge amount of love. Even though she didn’t specifically say they were still together, the picture might just have spoken a thousand words in this case.

In her previous post, which was done over 3 weeks ago, the Princess had once again posted her husband. This time it was a solo picture of Phillip. The pic was accompanied by a heartfelt message in which Princess Ruth showered her husband with praise. She also noted that it was important for people to show loved ones how much they appreciate them.

No stranger to divorce

The princess has already been in a previous marriage. Her first marriage, however, did not last as the couple eventually broke up when it was discovered that Christopher Duke Thomas, her ex-husband was actually a con man and a cheater. 

The princess had married Thomas in 2012 and then they separated a year later. Thomas has since moved on with a new lover. Although it was a very heartbreaking experience, the princess put those days behind her and found herself a prince charming. 7 years after breaking up with Thomas, she made the announcement, via her Instagram account, that she was engaged to her current husband.

Do you think love will prevail this time? Will the princess and her prince stay together for the long run? 
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