A Look Back At Rema Namakula's Wedding

Wedding of the year indeed

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Rema Namakula and Hamza
Award-winning Ugandan songstress, Rema Namakula is known for her powerful vocals that compliment her clever lyrics, her great onstage performances as well as her great sense of style.

Away from her demanding career in the music industry, Rema Namakula also has a thriving family life and she is a wife and a mother.

Here is a look back at Rema Namakula’s wedding which was one of the most colourful weddings in Uganda in 2019.

Details of Rema Namakula’s wedding

The gorgeous Rema Namakula’s wedding was held on 14th November 2019. The elegant and colourful wedding ceremony was held at Rema Namakula’s home in Nabbingo, near Kampala.

During her wedding, Rema brought her A-game and reminded us that she is a queen when it comes to the kingdom of fashion. 

Rema Namakula's wedding, source: Instagram

During the first part of the Kwanjula ceremony, Rema wore a beautiful white gomesi with dark green details on the belt and a white cocktail hat to complete her outfit. Her husband wore a matching white kanzu with a dark green coat.

Rema Namakula's wedding, source: Instagram

For the second part of the wedding ceremony, the couple dressed in matching royal blue wedding outfits. While the gorgeous bride wore a long blue gown with a long ruffled train and a matching headwrap, her dashing groom wore a fitting senator suit with a white cap. The couple also wore matching white neckpieces.

Rema Namakula's wedding, source: Facebook

To complement the couple’s outfits, the bridal team at Rema Namakula’s wedding wore shiny gold outfits that although gorgeous, made the couple’s outfits pop out and stand out.

The couple celebrated their second wedding anniversary on 14th November 2021 and we continue to wish them the best in their marriage.

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Who is Rema Namakula’s husband?

Rema Namakula with her husband, source: Facebook

Rema Namakula’s husband is Hamza Ssebunya. He is a doctor with a diploma in Gynecology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery from Makerere University.

According to sources, Hamza Ssebunya and Rema first met a few years ago during a Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) event. 

After the event, Hamza who had been captured by the musician’s beauty asked for a selfie moment with Rema and he later got her number under the pretense of sharing the photos with her. He seized the opportunity and started expressing his feelings for Rema through text messages.

At the time when Rema and Hamza met, Rema was in a long-term relationship with the father of her firstborn while Hamza was married to another woman.

Having developed mutual feelings for each other, the two decided to leave their former relationships and started dating and here we are, years later.

Rema Namakula and Eddy Kenzo

Before Rema Namakula’s wedding to Hamza Ssebunya, the gifted musician had been in a six-year relationship with Sitya Loss hitmaker and BET winner- Eddy Kenzo and their relationship resulted in the birth of a daughter.

Although the breakup reportedly left Eddy Kenzo broken, it seems that he already picked himself up and he is on the path to healing.

Besides wishing Rema and her husband all the best at their wedding, Eddy Kenzo has also found a new woman in his life, whom some speculate is his new wife. The woman in question is a beautiful musician called Bella Myra. The two have been taking things slow and keeping their relationship under wraps.

Rema Namakula's children

Rema Namakula with her husband and kids, source: Instagram

Rema Namakula is the mother of two beautiful children. Her firstborn is a daughter called Aamal Musuuza who was born on the 26th of December in 2014 to her and Eddy Kenzo.

Her second child is a daughter too who was born to her and Dr Hamza. The little girl whose name is Aaliyah Ssebunya was born on 7th November 2021.

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