Spice Diana Shows Up For Pallaso In A Sweet Way


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It was just the other day when the King Of The East himself Pallaso took to his Instagram to announce to his followers that he was hospitalized and had undergone a critical knee surgery. 

“Thank you God and Thank you for all your prayers. I have undergone ACL and Meniscus reconstruction surgery on my knee this morning and so far it has been successful. Doctors say it won’t take long till i’m back on my Two legs and giving action.” he wrote. 

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Fans and his fellow industry mates have not delayed in sending him their overwhelming support and it is good to see that he is recovering quite well. 

But what has had us even more in our feelings is after musical artist Spice Diana took to her Instagram recently to share a video of her visiting Pallaso in the hospital and we just cannot help but gush at how adorable these two look. 

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In the video the two are seen seated on Pallaso’s hospital bed making merry and Spice Diana is even seen feeding Pallaso grapes and we have to agree that this is just the kind of support that he needed for a speedy recovery. 

In her caption, the artist has also gone ahead to pen him a sweet get well soon message and fans have been besides themselves gushing at how thoughtful Spice’s gesture was. 

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But seeing the chemistry between the two artists and friends, fans are now questioning the nature of their relationship because of how lovey dovey the two seem to be in the clip. 

And while Pallaso has insisted that the two are family, fans are pretty much convinced that if there is no romantic relationship between them, they must be friends with benefits. 

Now while that is a story for another day, others fans have gone ahead to thank Spice for having a good heart and continue to wish the King Of The East a speedy recovery. 


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The ‘Malamu’ hitmaker sustained a knee injury during one of his sensational performances during Easter and many feared that he might not show up for his upcoming shows ever again. 

The acclaimed artist fortunately put all these doubts to rest by assuring his fans that he would be seeking medical attention, adding that the show must definitely go on. Clearly nothing, not even a knee injury will stop the artist from doing and pursuing what he loves most. 

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This also comes barely a few days after Journalist and political analyst Tamale Mirundi outrightly claimed that he was not buying the knee injury story, insisting that Pallaso was actually chasing clout. 

Surely faking such a serious injury all for fame would be a bit too much even for Pallaso right? Well now that we have seen the actual footage of his knee in a cast, we can only imagine that Tamale is only but swallowing his words right now. 

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