What Happened To Judith Babirye's Marriage?

And if it doesn't work, walk out

By  | Jul 29, 2022, 12:00 PM  | Relationships

Judith Babirye
Judith Babirye has been making news since the early 2000s. The musician who served as a parliamentarian for one term currently serves as a senior pastor at New Life Deliverance Church in Makindye Division.

Her prominent career aside, if there is someone who understands the dynamics of marriage then it has to be Judith Babirye. The musician turned politician has been married twice. 

Here is a look at both of Judith Babirye’s marriages and the reason why they ended. 

Judith Babirye’s marriage to Samuel Niiwo

Judith Babirye, source: Facebook

The first time Judith Babirye said “I do” was in 2005 at the Miracle Centre Church to Samuel Niiwo and the two had a long but not-so-happy marriage.

After more than ten years of marriage, Judith Babirye asked for a divorce from her first husband in 2017 citing irreconcilable differences.

Following the divorce, Judith Babirye revealed the reasons why her marriage had not worked out. She accused her first husband of among other things- infidelity, physical assault and being controlling.  She opened up about her life after her divorce and disclosed that she was a happier woman and that she would never go back to her first husband.

In an interview with the New Vision paper, Judith Babirye’s first husband- Niiwo who was still in denial about the end of his marriage and was still hopeful that Judith would change her mind and return to him, denied beating his wife. He also claimed that Judith Babirye had been influenced by outside forces into leaving him.

Unluckily for Samuel Niwoo, the following year he learned that indeed his marriage to Judith Babirye was over when she got remarried.

Judith Babirye’s marriage to Paul Musoke Ssebulime

Judith Babirye and Paul Ssebulime wedding, source: myweddingug

After Judith Babirye’s first marriage ended, she found love again and on 28 July 2018, she got married again to Paul Musoke Ssebulime in a traditional wedding. 

The pair were both legislators at the time with Babirye serving as the MP for Buikwe District Women Constituency while Ssebulime was the MP for Buikwe North.

Despite controversies surrounding Judith Babirye and her legislative lover including the fact that Ssebulime was already married to another woman, Babirye’s second wedding took place and it was a grand affair that was reportedly graced by around 1000 guests.

Like her first marriage, Judith Babirye’s marriage to Ssebulime ended in divorce again- this time it didn’t take time for the couple to split.

Less than a year after their wedding, Ssebulime filed for divorce from Judith Babirye on May 7, 2019, at the High Court at Makindye Division. 

Although both Babirye and Ssebulime didn’t publicly reveal the reasons for the end of their marriage, some publications claimed that the divorce had been triggered by Babirye abandoning her matrimonial duties and home and flying to the US. The divorce was finalized in 2020. 

In January 2022, Judith Babirye recorded a video where she asked for an apology from everyone she had hurt during her second marriage. 

Judith Babirye’s children

Judith Babirye’s marriage to Niiwo resulted in the birth of a daughter called Nana Mulungi Li. Although some sources have indicated that Judith Babirye had a second child during her marriage to Ssebulime, the former legislator has never confirmed or denied this claim.

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