Why I Can Never Date a Celebrity - Crystal Panda

He reveals.

By  | Oct 05, 2020, 01:06 PM  | Relationships

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Most celebrities prefer dating other celebrities because they are both accustomed to the attention and the travel or work schedules.

However, not everyone is keen on dating a celebrity and one of them is artiste and TV host Kityamuweesi Herbert commonly known as Crystal Panda.

In an interview with Sanyuka TV’s Josephine, Crystal confessed that he doesn’t want to date someone famous.
Crystal Panda (Instagram)

“I would never wish to date someone in the same field as me. All those questions and fights that come along because you both do the same thing are so hard to understand. It’s better for me to find someone in a different field so that we are able to teach each other what we do not know,he revealed.

The TV host also disclosed that when it comes to being famous, women are his biggest challenge.

 “I want to say this in good spirit, you see as an artiste, you can decide to concentrate on your music and a certain lady comes in your life and makes you lose track. They can set themselves as traps and that means that you have to be wise enough to know what you want which is not easy,”
Crystal admitted.
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