Meet Winnie Nwagi's Daughter Who Looks Like A Melanin Goddess

Like mother, like daughter

By  | May 12, 2022, 02:34 PM  | Winnie Nwagi  | Relationships

Winnie Nwagi and her daughter
As the world celebrated all the mothers on 8th May 2022 and beautiful heartwarming messages were shared all over the internet, some of our female celebrities were among those who celebrated the big day, and one of them is diva Winnie Nwagi.

Hard as it may seem to believe, Winnie Nwagi is a mother and a good one for that matter to one beautiful daughter whom she is raising as a single mum.

Here is everything you need to know about Winnie Nwagi’s daughter who is as beautiful as the talented musician is.

Who is Winnie Nwagi’s daughter?

Winnie Nwagi's daughter Destiny, source: Facebook

Winnie Nwagi’s daughter is a beautiful little African princess called Destiny Valerie Mirembe. Destiny, who lives with her mother, is still in primary school.

Like her mother, Destiny has shown an interest in the entertainment industry with a soft spot for dancing. In 2021, the Swangz Avenue musician took to social media to announce that her daughter had enrolled for dance classes with the famous Dance with Valentino.

On 21st November 2021, the young passionate dancer made a debut on NTV’s Dance With Valentino Experience show.

As expected on the fierce streets of social media, after the Jangu hitmaker shared some photos of her daughter on social media where she was dressed in a swimming costume, some social media users felt that the little girl was dressed indecently and questioned Winnie Nwagi’s parenting. 

Winnie who is known for her bold and outspoken opinions told off critiques to mind their own business. She also defended her daughter saying that she is a beautiful, bright child who doesn’t need to be distracted by negative energy from strangers. 

How old is Winnie Nwagi’s daughter?

Destiny was born on 6th March 2010. In 2022 she turned 11 with Winnie Nwagi celebrating her new age on Instagram and promising to take her to Disney one day.

Who is the father of Winnie Nwagi’s daughter?

Winnie Nwagi and her baby daddy, source: Facebook

The father of Winnie Nwagi’s daughter- Destiny is Ugandan musician Generale Zaabu, aka Joshua Czar'bu.

Generale Zaabu and Winnie Nwagi were in a relationship in the early 2010s which resulted in the birth of Destiny. The couple’s relationship ended in 2017 in a very vicious breakup where Winnie Nwagi accused her baby daddy of neglecting his child, and physical abuse among other accusations.

Although Winnie Nwagi has remained single over the years and chosen to focus on her career and raising her daughter, her baby daddy has moved on.

In 2021, Generale Zaabu got married to his Caucasian girlfriend identified as Anneliese Harlander whom he had been dating for some time.

Does Winnie Nwagi have other children?

Winnie Nwagi and her daughter, source: Facebook

Currently, Destiny is Winnie Nwagi's only child and whether or not the musician plans on having more children in future is not certain.

Her daughter has a younger half-brother from his father’s new marriage. It is not clear whether Destiny has a relationship with her father and little half-brother.

Who is Winnie Nwagi currently dating? 

As of May 2022, Winnie Nwagi is not dating anybody, and if she is then she has managed to keep her relationship very private.

The curvaceous musician was in the past linked to musician Chozen Blood although she denied being in a relationship with him.

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