Who Is Winnie Nwagi's Husband?

Is this diva taken?

By  | May 11, 2022, 09:27 AM  | Winnie Nwagi  | Relationships

Winni Nwagi, Who is Winnie Nwagi

Winfred Nakanwagi, or Winnie Nwagi as you know her, is one of the most outspoken divas of our time and while we know her best for her music, the star is always trending for her raunchy photos, her drama, as well as her controversial opinions on various topics. All these make Winnie Nwagi an all-rounded entertainer, and it’s hard not to love her.

For those of you who have been wondering if this Swangz Avenue musician is married and who Winnie Nwagi’s husband is then here is everything you need to know about the curvaceous diva’s current relationship status.

Is Winnie Nwagi married?

Winnie Nwagi, source: Instagram

As of May 2022, Winnie Nwagi is currently not married and it appears that the 32-year-old mother of one is not in a hurry to settle down.

In one of her past tweets, Winnie Nwagi revealed that she enjoyed being in a relationship but that marriage was not something for her.

Over the years, Winnie Nwagi has been in several prolific relationships with some major popular players in the industry, including Chozen Blood and Generale Zaabu, but none of them ever won the title of Winnie Nwagi’s husband.

Winnie Nwagi and Chozen Blood

Winnie Nwagi and Chozen Blood, source: watchdog

In 2019, Winnie Nwagi collaborated with Chozen Blood on their hit song Yitayo Ondabeko and the two apparently had great chemistry while working together and allegedly decided to take their relationship to the next level.

In early 2020, several publications concluded that Winnie Nwagi and Chozen Blood were dating and although Chozen Blood never refuted the dating claims, Winnie Nwagi on the other hand denied dating Chozen and went as far as telling people that she was single.

We still think that Winnie Nwagi and Chozen Blood would make a lovely couple, but that is just our opinion. What do you think?

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Winnie Nwagi and Generale Zaabu

Winnie Nwagi and her ex- Generale Zaabu, source: mbu

Before the Winnie Nwagi and Chozen Blood “relationship,” the Musawo hitmaker was in a long-term relationship with musician Generale Zaabu, aka Joshua Czar'bu.

In 2017, Winnie Nwagi and her former lover who is also her baby daddy had a very vicious breakup.

Winnie blasted Generale Zaabu on Snapchat for domestic violence and neglecting his duties as a man including supporting their child and paying bills. She further went on to label her baby daddy as a mistake.

After the breakup, General Zaabu took a break from music and social media. Speaking to Mr Henrie on Galaxy FM recently, Zaabu revealed that he suffered from depression after his breakup with Winnie Nwagi.

Zaabu later started dating a Mzungu called Anneliese Harlander, and the two who have a child together got married in a beautiful ceremony in 2021.

Who is Winnie Nwagi currently dating?

Winnie Nwagi, source: Instagram

Even though it’s clear that the position of Winnie Nwagi’s husband is still open, it is not clear whether the role of her boyfriend has been taken currently and there is reason to believe that she is single.

It appears that the beautiful musician is currently focused on raising her daughter and making boss moves in the music industry. 

She recently released a new single Malaika that has already received massive love from her fans who are now using the #malaika challenge and are making the song even more famous.

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