Cougar, Don Zella Responds To Sex Scandal

She Likes Them Young

By  | Jan 26, 2021, 07:00 AM  | Relationships

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She says she loves sex with young boys because they are sweet and soft.

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Two days ago, social media was on fire after pictures of Politician's son Tamale Mirundi -Mirundi Junior kissing sugar Mummy, Don Zella. The pictures raised dust causing a lot of mixed reactions among netizens.

A few hours later, Tamale Mirundi came in support of his son, stating that his son had the right to kiss any woman for as long he did not kiss a goat or rape a woman.

Mirundi Junior also added his weight to his father’s comment adding that he had every right to lead his life the way he wanted because life is too short.

He however stressed that there is nothing serious going on between him and Don except for friendship and what happened was a product of what he described as a vibe

When contacted for comments Don Zella indicated that she loves young boys because they are sweet and soft.

“ I love young boys, they are fresh with thoughts and they are soft.”

She praised Mirundi Junior’s prowess in bed stating that the young man is so sweet and crisp in bed and she loved how he did it in bed.

While Mirundi Junior continued to deny any sort of emotional attachment, Don Zella kept implying there was something going on between the two. 

She did not admit nor deny the relationship.

The young man added that what bonds the two of them is the fact that he is an adviser on the yet to be concluded theft case where Don lost a lot of property valued at about $90,000.

But like they always say, there can’t be smoke without fire and eventually, we will live to see the fire when that time is due.

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