Zari Says No To Getting Married Again

This is following her split from the mysterious King Bae

By  | Nov 18, 2020, 12:31 PM  | Zari Hassan  | Relationships

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Zari the boss lady has finally opened up about her split from her husband, the mysterious man she referred to only as 'King Bae', declaring she has no plans to walk down the aisle again.

In an interview, the Ugandan socialite and mother of five also revealed the main cause of why her marriage to King Bae ended. Zari had introduced King Bae to the world a few months after dumping Diamond back in 2018.

The two had a lowkey wedding in July 18, 2019. The nuptials took place at a Home Affairs office in South Africa.

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Rumours of her split from King Bae had been making the rounds, but Zari had remained discreet – until now. In an interview given before leaving Tanzania for South Africa after a one-week stay in Diamond’s house, Zari opted to share the details of what went wrong between her and King Bae.

“King Bae alikuwepo and he was such a chilled guy lakini kuna vitu vingine vimetokea kama mtu unaona I’m not (part of). With love sometimes shit happens, like that one didn’t last and we went our separate ways but we still talk once in a while.”

She added that the two are still in good terms:

“It did not last, and everyone went their own way, we still talk once in a while, briefly, ‘How are you? How are the kids?’ because he was still attached to our lives.”
Zari also included the fact that she is an independent woman and she does not want to be married ever again. 

“I feel very independent and I can do for myself anything I want. Having a life partner, yes but a marriage, no. I am not going to sign my life away. Single mothers are very strong and can raise good kids but you need a father figure in their lives”

In a previous interview about King Bae, Zari described the feeling of tying the knot as scary but beautiful. She went on to praise her then-new husband for being a caring, loving partner who had accepted her five children as his, saying that he was close with her boys.

She also revealed that King Bae had bought her a house in Pretoria, South Africa, which they moved into in September after the transfer of documentation was concluded.

Months later fresh reports emerged that Zari had parted ways with the mysterious man whose identity she never revealed.

Zari is currently back in South Africa after spending a week in Tanzania with Diamond. 

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