Sheebah Karungi Wiped Off Twitter !

Cautions fans

By  | May 29, 2020, 04:47 AM  | Sheebah 

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Sheebah Karungi has asked her fans and followers to be cautious when it comes to content currently being posted on her twitter handle since she is not the one in control of it at the moment.

‘’My Twitter (@Ksheebah1) Was Hacked Yesterday, I Have No Idea Who Is Using It & What Their Intentions Are. Please Be Careful. I Will Let You All Know When I Access It Again. Thank You.’’ She shared
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The ‘Nkwaata Ko’ hit-maker shared the news via her instagram and Facebook accounts and asked fans and followers to tread slowly as she has been hacked and is no longer in control of the account.

This is not the first time a celebrity account has been hacked. In the past, the likes of Irene Ntale , Mona Faces , Anne Kansiime, Zari Hassan and Jose Chameleone have succumbed to the same.

The account had garnered over 250,000 followers.

Comedian Anne Kansiime had a similar episode some time back. Her suspicion was that one of the people on her media team could have caused the incident, as she had earlier on received several emails from people asking her to verify her account.Her hacked account had a following of over 234,000 at the time.

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