Blessed Beyond Measure

Their curves don't lie!

By  | Jan 31, 2022, 07:22 PM

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We can all agree that nothing is sexier than confidence, actually, confidence is one of the most attractive characteristics that an individual can possess. That is why these celebrities are some of our fav within the industry, they have a certain kind of confidence that oozes out and we cannot help but stan. 

When it comes to style inspiration and trend setting, celebrities are often at the forefront setting the pace. Their designer outfits and well curated looks are something that most of us follow keenly, however, following style tips from celebs who are a steady size 2 can be hard. Let’s admit, no matter how fabulous the skinny celebs are, most of our bodies are different and things fit a lot differently. That is why it is so great for women and men alike to have confident plus-size fashionistas and celebs that they can look up to and get some new style inspo from. 

These plus size celebs make us more and more unapologetic about our fupas and thick thighs. Their body positivity, fashion sense and confidence encourages us to love ourselves no matter what we look like and no matter what size we are. 

Lesego "ThickLeeyonce" Legobane

ThickLeeyonce is the poster girl for body positivity. The way this media personality has managed to carve a name and niche for herself within the industry is nothing short of impressive. Needless to say it has not been an easy journey, the personality has gone through copious amounts of cyber-bullying but has somehow managed to develop a thick skin and come out on the other side of it even stronger. Lee even went on to develop a clothing line specifically for the plus size girlies and her brand has grown to become one of the best in South Africa.

Phindile Gwala

Next on our list is the ever so graceful Phindile. The media personality rocks any and every look she attempts, be it a swimsuit, a bodysuit, a bodycon, you name it, she rocks it with confidence and fans and haters alike cannot help but stan. 

Lesego "Coconut Kelz" Tlhabi

Lesego who is more commonly known by her alias Coconut Kelz is the definition of a self love ambassador. The comedian come actress is an avid promoter of body positivity and is not shy to use her platform to call out brands, trolls and fellow celebs for their body shaming. Coconut Kelz also uses her platform to speak out about other issues such as racism, sexism and cyber-bullying. 

DJ Maphorisa

Although he is the only man on our list, he definitely holds down the fort for gentlemen when it comes to body positivity. DJ Maphorisa stays clapping back at trolls on social media who attack him about his weight and that is something we are here for. As long as one is happy and healthy, who cares what haters think?

Brown Mbombo

Last but definitely not least on our list is Brown. Brown has also been on the receiving end of social media trolls especially since her twin sister and fellow media personality, Blue Mbombo is a polar opposite when it comes to body type. Blue is slender and Brown is curvy and somehow the two are always pitted against each - this forced Brown to grow a thick skin and eventually embrace her curves and become a plus size ambassador.

The internet is filled with many mean and unsolicited opinions - it is good to see that these celebs have not let the hate change their opinions of themselves.