How To Avoid Black Tax

And the triggers that are hardly addressed in the black community.

By  | Jan 19, 2021, 12:52 PM

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Home is the one place that we all love and feel safe when we're there, however sometimes we find our selves battling with the idea if we should go visit or not. This is because it comes with multiple mental health triggers that are hardly ever addressed in the Black community.

Having to deal with fake smiles and that one cousin you do not wish to bump into because he will try to get every penny out of you are some of the reasons many dread going back home.

These are issues that young Black people have come out to admit as to why they don't want to be part of that family get-together.

So how can those be dealt with?

We spoke to Dr. Cino Shearer, a clinical psychologist and founder of The Cino Shearer Foundation, about ways to deal with some of the more common downsides of returning home.

Here's what the doctor said.