'Your Appetite Is Going To Kill You’- Caroline Marcah Warned Again

Don't say we didn't warn you

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It is public knowledge that it is known to everyone that Tv host/MC, Kats is HIV positive, now against that background, some people did not see him dating anyone publicly given the stigma that comes with it.

On 8th/o3/2020, it was women’s day and every man celebrated the women in their lives, most of them did it through posting their pictures on their various social media platforms.

 One of the men that celebrated the women in their lives was king of the Mic as he likes to call himself- Mc Kats.
 Kats took to his Facebook page and made that seemingly was directed to Tv host, Caroline Marcah.
 The post read, “as long as my woman is happy, I am happy too.” To many, this was a confirmation of an allegation that has been flying around about the two having an affair.

Shortly, Kats threw her birthday party and during the party, it all came to the fore that these two have been having secret affair.
They danced and cuddled together, you could see it in their eyes, love was all over the air.
 But netizens have already concluded these two, some think that Marcha is sick with HIV, given the fact, Kats came out about his HIV-positive status. They wrote;
 “The way she responds it will end in Taso.”
 “The way she responds looks like she is a good customer of ARVs.”
 They have gone ahead to warn her again, one netizen wrote, “ a disease that will kill a man starts with an appetite.”

Another said, “let the patients enjoy themselves, they are both sick with HIV.”

Why are they so quick to conclude, w are sure Marcah knows what she got herself into.

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