'Leave Bebe Cool's Family Alone'

They Are Innocent

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Just over the weekend, Uganda Hippos lost to Ghana in n the 2021 Africa U20 Cup of Nations final, in Mauritania’s capital.

 It is public knowledge that Bebe Cool’s son, Alpha is part of the Hippos team.

But during the match, a lot of people were eager to see Bebe Cool’s son on the pitch, but he didn’t show face, he was on the bench.

Seeing that he was not on the pitch gave critics a chance to troll the young boy branding him for being an anon performer on the pitch.

The netizens claimed that Bebe Cool bribed his son’s way into the soccer academy, otherwise, the boy has no talent to show on the pitch.

Yet it is on record that Bebe Cool has mentored his son into sports from the time he was a kid, it is not fair to say the boy is an underperformer.

The netizens went as far as attacking the young boy's looks, they said his eyes are not proper, they said he has squints.

They accused Bebe Cool of using government money to facilitate the boy’s career.

Bebe Cool and Zuena however show has shown no signs of relenting towards giving support to his son.

Zuena told the haters to live her son alone and warned him to watch out for him because his time was coming. 

Bebe Cool commended his son for being prayerful and determined in his dream.

I think it is important not to attack Bebe Cool's children, but to deal with him if he has anything wrong he has done.


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