Andrew Mwenda's Net Worth, Career, And Activism Works

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Andrew Mwenda, Andrew Mwenda
Listed as an award-winning journalist, activist, columnist, part-time poet, businessman, and social entrepreneur on Wikipedia, Andrew Mwenda is one of the most accomplished journalists in Uganda who also dabbles as a Media house owner having founded The Independent in 2007.

The veteran journalist who loves to keep his personal life very private has a very decorated resume along with an impressive list of accomplishments to his name. Here is a look at Andrew Mwenda’s net worth, his sources of net worth, and his works of activism.

What is Andrew Mwenda’s net worth?

Andrew Mwenda, source: bouncenation

Different sources provide different values for Andrew Mwenda’s net worth although the most consistent values provided by and other online sources place his current net worth at UGX 789.9 million.

He has accumulated this incredible wealth through his work as a journalist, and as a business owner. Here is a look at Andrew Mwenda’s career profile.

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Andrew Mwenda’s sources of wealth

Andrew Mwenda, source: TEDX

Andrew Mwenda’s net worth has been majorly built from his works as a journalist. He is a master of the journalism craft and he has several academic papers and published articles and journals to prove his skills.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Makerere University and a Master of Arts in Development Studies from the University of London. 

Before founding his own media company, Andrew Mwenda worked for several Ugandan-based media houses including the Daily Monitor where he served as an editor, and KFM where he was the general manager.

He has also written for international publications including The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, and Foreign Policy and he has done consultancy work for organizations such as the World Bank and Transparency International.

In 2007, Andrew Mwenda joined the list of media owners in Uganda when he launched The Independent newspaper which is available in both print and online forms and covers current events, political and business news. Besides being the founder of the Independent, Andrew also serves as an editor and managing director of the publication.

It is estimated that Andrew Mwenda makes a yearly revenue of about 67 million from his work as a journalist and media house owner, earning him a spot on the list of the richest journalists in Uganda.

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Andrew Mwenda's house and cars

Given his substantial wealth, it’s only natural to expect Andrew Mwenda to live a life of luxury and he does. He especially has a taste for big cars.

Although he is not one to show off his wealth on social media, in 2014, Chimpreports, reported that the renowned scribe had spent millions on a Cherokee Jeep a few days after his favourite Q7 Audi got involved in an accident.

Andrew Mwenda’s work of activism

Andrew Mwenda, source: bigeye

Along with his works as a journalist, Andrew Mwenda is also an activist and he is very vocal against western aid to African countries, which according to him has hindered the development of African countries as it encourages dependency of African countries on charities and encourages corruption.

He has given talks and written articles and journals about his views on western aid and charities that have been published and quoted on international media like BBC, CNN, and The Economist, among others.

As part of his activism campaign, Andrew Mwenda formed his political party Uganda National Peoples' Democratic Revolutionary Front in 2019.

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