Cooking For Aman Does not Make Sense Says Angella Katatumba

It Does Not Make Sense

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“ I don’t know how to cook, I won’t lie.”

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In the African traditional setting, it is believed that it is a moral obligation for every girl child to learn how to cook so that she can ably take care of her husband in the future.

If you thought that was the case with Angella Katatumba, you just played yourself. 

While your parents were teaching you how to light up a fire by blowing up young chicks, Angella  father was teaching her how to hustle.

Asked whether she knew how to clean and cook, she laughed it off and said, she did not know how to do either of the two.

 Instead, her father told her to work hard so that she can hire people to do things for her things.

“My parents taught me that to work hard and hire people, that is why I hustle every day like a man,” Angella  said

She added that as a child her father hired cleaners and chefs for them and therefore, they had nothing to do with cooking and cleaning.

Given her hustle mentality, she said that she can’t come back tired from work and again head straight to the kitchen to cook or clean up the house.

“I can’t come back from work, we are all tired and you want me to cook, it does not make any sense,” she said

However, she said that her not being in a position to do house chores and cook, does not mean she is the kind of person that prides on bringing other people down.

Angella stated that she has only cooked once when she had gotten married to her first African American boyfriend who taught her how to cook rice.

Being a typical African man, this could be one of the other major reasons Daddy Andre broke up with Angella.

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