Are You Ready For Diana Nabatanzia’s Nudes?

She Is Scared

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Emmanuel Lwasa might do more harm than good, Diana Nabatanzi is worried.

Diana is worried Lwasa might release her nudes

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This is upon the backdrop of events that the tycoon deemed disrespectful to him after she refused to allow him to go and see her parents and most of all refusing to give him a child.

He invested over 100 Million into Diana, Lwasa expected to recoup some tangible benefits from the Tv star but nothing came to fruition as she just broke his heart and bolted.

She has been elusive whenever the big man fronted the issue of taking things to the next level telling him it was not yet time.

Diana would find all sorts of excuses to postpone or delay the inevitable.

After waiting for over five years to get introduced by Diana, Lwasa eventually gave up and instead got introduced by another woman he had met for only 2 weeks.

Asked why he took the drastic decision to dump Diana even after dating her for over years Lwasa said he had run out of patience.

” The fact is that 5 years is a very long time for someone who wants to take their relationship to the next level. 

I was disappointed because Diana refused to give me a child or even introduce me to her parents. Any man who is sensible enough would have done what I did” Lwasa said as he answered journalists.

Now close sources reveal that Nabatanzi is scared. Allegedly she is scared that Lwasa might release her nude pictures as a way of getting back at her.

We will only confirm this after the nudes have leaked.


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