Bad Black, Fiancée Survive Death

She Ran

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The Muyayu is also known as Bad Black feared for her life and ran for dear life. It was on Tuesday night when she met an armed Bolt driver.

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Shanitah Namuyimbwa had to trust her legs and energy on Tuesday night as she ran for dear life having come across a Bolt driver who had a gun.

Through her social media, the socialite and influencer narrated how she ordered for a Bolt ride late at night on Tuesday, only for the driver to pull up with a full army uniform and a gun in the car.

Bad Black, in the company of her boyfriend, had to exit the car immediately and run to ‘only God knows where just to be safe.

“ Yesterday I and my fiancé were out till 11 pm. We decided not to drive obusilikale bwe Jinja road to Nakawa busumbuwa, so we ordered Uber but none of them were available,” she narrates.

‘There is this app called BOLT, nayo it’s like Uber. Munange we ordered one and (he) called immediately. So, we gave him directions but he sounded like a westerner and rude. My reply was, “Sir slow down please, we are just clients. If you speak Luganda let us use that,”

‘Finally, he reached in a Toyota Wish nga tuyigira Motoka banange. What we saw was a full army uniform with a gun. Oh! Twafulumye emisidde but he insisted that he had no problem and he is just looking for money,”

‘He called me, “Bad Black, come back.” Oh, emisidde. So, people who move at night be careful please please, please. Just concerned citizen wadde sili nyoko.”

Bad Black was right to run for her life because the rate at which people are being killed and kidnapped is so high currently.

Her story is funny but also aimed at bringing awareness to those who move in the night.

If luck was not on their side, they would be dead meat.


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