Bad Black, Going Back To School.

I want To And sell My Sumbi In Parliament

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Maybe it is time some people go back to school

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City Pum Pum Shanita Namuyimbwa commonly known as Bad Black after a long time of shagging a bevy of men has decided, school is the next thing.

This came as she indicated in her Twitter post, as a result of seven days of serious contemplation about going back to school and acquiring her S.4 and S.6 certificate.

The reason, she wants to join politics and vend her Sumbi to our dignified members of parliament.

“If I go back to school to get my S.4 and A.6 certificate, can I join politics?” she tweeted.

However, what seems uncertain in her bid to join politics is if she will be allowed given the fact that she an ex-convict

About 5 years ago, Bad black was convicted for embezzling billions of monies from a foreign investor, one named David Greenhalgh. She lived lavishly until she was intercepted by authorities.

Bad Black did four years in jail and came out, since then her life has never been the same again.

“Will I be allowed even with my criminal record of embezzlement, although it was not government money a man who used to eat my beans, it is 7 days now and I have been thinking.”

The question is what faculty of society will she represent? Could it the faculty of Sumbi Vendors? 

And by the way, if we ever woke up to Bad Black being representative of Sumbi vendors on parliament, they will be the most well-represented, this is so because she is so outspoken.

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