Bad Black, Patrick Kanyomozi, Tell Bebe Cool To shut His Selfish Mouth

Shut up

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Last night, we broke the story of how Bobi wine was secretly sneaking out his family to American ahead of the forthcoming elections.

The family which was in the Company of Barbie Kyagulanyi’s sister Asiimwe Jolly and their uncle Rubahamya Baron were seen at the airport making clearances for their departure aboard Qatar Airways headed for Texas

A lot of people had mixed reactions about this some thinking it was a wise move for him to put the security of his family first for it is anticipated that the elections lead to post-election violence.

Of course, Bebe Cool is a known sworn enemy had no kind words for Bobi Wine.

in his rather implied comment, he insinuated that the people like Eddy Mutwe who is  Bobi Wine’s bodyguard and currently in jail with Nubian Lee will die for Bobi yet in their absence no one is taking care of their families.

“I feel bad for Eddie Mutwe and Nubian Lee's children. As in, who will protect them while their parents are in jail? Anyway safe travels travelers,” he twitted.

Some people like Bad Black who for a long time had been alleging that Bebe Cool had a fling with her, told him to solve his manhood issues before minding other people’s businesses.

Bad black like I said had a fling with Bebe and from the looks, she didn’t have a good time, she alleges Bebe Cool had a small ‘Mutombo’ which didn’t satisfy her.

“You should be looking for Kasolo(Mutombo) enlargement before minding another issue,” she said.

She added that Bebe Cool shouldn’t be criticizing Bobi for taking his family to safety during these times.

Because Bebe even when there are hospitals in Uganda ahs always flown his wife Zuena to give birth from America, meaning he does not trust the systems in place.

“you keep taking your wife to give birth in America so if at all Uganda had better hospitals your wife could be giving birth in Mulago.”

She added that Bobi is right to take his kids out because non of them is a voter.

City sports journalist too reminded Beb Cool of how when he was shot together with his bodyguard, Cobra abandoned when him.

Bebe Coool left Cobra in pain while, the government flew him to American for treatment, with his family 

“When you were shot together with your bodyguards in 2010, taxpayers' money was used to foot the bill for your treatment, your wife, and 2 kids were all catered for; travel, accommodation, upkeep, etc. "

You left your injured body guards and their families behind. Shut up.”

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