Bad Black Sets Rules For The Bush War (Ensiko)

This is war

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As the elections draw near, a new meme has a raised. This meme is about the Digital Bush war that will take place on 14th,, January, the day when Uganda will be going to the polls.

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We don’t know who started this meme but we will explain the sense behind it. So, Ensiko this meme is a digital version of the bush war that brought Museveni to power.

The knowledge behind it is that netizens are going to the digital bush( Social Media) with digital guns (Smartphones) to remove Museveni from power.

In this case, the bush war will help expose all the malpractices of the regime, brutalities and also help keep track of the number of votes using the UVOTE voter application that was created by the National Unity Platform (NUP).

The win that has so far been registered is National Resistance Movement (NRM) influencers losing all their social media accounts, none of them will be able to fight in this war, so it is only fair to say they were killed in action.

Several generals have joined the bush war and commander, Kuchi vendor,  Bad Black alias Masolo Queen has set some housekeeping rules before the war can pick up the pace.

These are the rules she set: No videos, no screenshots, no refusing to be touched because we are going to be like cocks  with hard feelings.

We don’t know if the Bush War will be successful because it is rumored that the opponent might switch off the light during the battle (turn off social media).

We will keep you updated on the number of casualties and any wins registered in the war.

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