Battle Of The Undergarments, Who Will Win This?

Is It Necessary?

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About a week ago, we shared a story of how city pastor Aloysius Bujjingo spent shs2million on buying undergarments for Suzan Makula who was his dish at the time.

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The Internet was set on fire as people aired mixed reactions to the incident, many were disappointed that the man of God was misusing church resources while the flock was suffering from poverty.

Others thought it was right for the pastor to do what he felt was right in his heart to woo the woman that was driving him crazy.

The pastor did not give any replies as per this story. However, his brother in the profession- Andrew Jengo who is also the son of the late Pastor Yiga Augustine had something to tell the public.

According to jingo, the pastor had a right to spend any amount of money on his woman because it is not a crime.

He added that the 2 million that the pastor spent was not a lot of money. Jengo said if it were him to do it, he would have spent more than five million shillings on buying undergarments for his woman.

“Don’t condemn Bujingo for spending that much on his woman, I feel like that money he spent was little, if it were me, I think I would have spent even more money,” he said

After this statement, Jengo launched a search for a wife that is going to enjoy the five million undergarments treat.

We wonder if it's competition for these pastors to prove who can spend more money than the other, we don’t know.


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