Bebe Cool Finally Speaks Up

Police brutality should stop!

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Following the latest ruthless actions against journalists and National Unity Platform(NUP) supporters by security operatives, many musicians have come to condemn the brutality.

These brutalities led to the death of Bobi Wine’s top security personnel Frank Sentenza and also the shooting of one of his top journalist,  Farouk Kasirye who is  I currently nursing a bullet wound in Rubaga hospital

Musicians like Spice Diana, Sheebah, Ykee Benda, Lydia Jazmine, Fikfameica, and many more came out to condemn the atrocities by the police.

Surprisingly, Bebe Cool who is known to support the regime regardless of whether it is right or not also came out to condemn the atrocities.

Bebe Cool under the hashtag that trended on Twitter defended the work of journalism saying that if journalists were doing their work very well, it is wrong for the police to attack them because they are the vehicles of the message.

“ In a year of when electioneering is scientific is scientific, it's senseless for police to target the journalists supposed to channel the message,” he said

He added if police in any way felt like journalists were not doing their work well, they have the right to legally challenge them in the courts of law instead of brutalizing them while they are doing their jobs in the field.

Through his Twitter he twitted, “if journalists are not doing their job well, challenge them on facts, use legal means and debate, professional journalist is not a crime.”

Beb Cool and other musician's condemnation of police brutality comes shortly after journalists walked off the security briefing meeting after the Uganda People's Defence Force (UPDF) refused to issue an apology.

It is not the first time journalists are being brutalised in Uganda, Akena, a journalist who works with Reuters was badly beaten during riots, Lwanga who used to work with WBS TV was also beaten until his spine was injured, and up to now, no justice has been served.

We hope these voices from celebrities can help a big deal. #JOURNALISM IS NOT ACRIME

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