Bebe Cool Kicked Out Of Statehouse Meeting

In anguish, he stormed out of the meeting

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Like it has always been the norm, the president of Uganda who is also the chairman of the ruling party, President Yoweri Museveni, invites a few groups of people he works with to have a little chat over certain issues together at the statehouse in Entebbe

This time around, he invited all artists that have been playing a huge role in ensuring that he is re-elected into the first job in Uganda.

Among the people that were invited included, King Michael, Full Figer, Catherine Kusasira, Ronald Mayinja, and Bebe Cool.

The invitation was aimed at appreciating the artist for their efforts in the struggle towards helping in the re-election of the incumbent and equipping the group with more knowledge that would help in woo more voters, especially in the central region.

However, nobody was ready for what was about to unfold. According to King Michael, when the president opened the floor for the artists to air out their opinions and suggestions, everyone was allowed to talk.

But when it was Bebe Cool’s time to speak, the president didn’t let him speak but said that Bebe Cool always has a lot of nonsensical things to say, instead, King Michael was called next to speak.

With anguish Bebe Cool stormed out of the meeting, people thought the Kukus singer had gone for a long call only to realize that he had already left the statehouse.

The question that we beg to answer, is why did the president do that to the man who says he is the key to Museveni's re-election.

Should we assume Bebe Cool has reached his diminishing return, time to pack up and head to join his wife, Zuena in baking cakes? We don’t know.

It is hard to imagine this scenario considering how Bebe Cool has been bootlicking Museveni. 

The singer at one even offered to fight president Museveni's rival, Bobi Wine, for free without pay.

In his own words, he said he was going to destroy Bobi Wine single-handedly, and since then, we are still waiting for the action of destruction. 

Oba what happened to that plan?

Dj Michael added that Bebe Cool has a dark heart and does not wish others well.

This, he said because as they came for the meeting, Bebe Cool excluded fellow singers, Big Eye and Fina Masanyalaze with whom they had been working together.

he deliberately refused to inform them about the meeting with the president.
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