Bebe Cool Puts 1 million Bounty On Child Abuser (Video)

She is a monster

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So, there has been a video circulating on social media, the video, is of a woman brutally beating up a child, pounces on the child as if, it is a bag of charcoal, kicking and flogging at the same time.

The child cries for help but no one ran its rescue, the person that was recording the video also did nothing to help the child out of the torture it was going through. 

The video is sickening and a lot of netizens have condemned the act by the woman.

Bebe Cool also spoke up about the video, condemning the acts by the woman.

“This is so sad, we just celebrated Mother’s Day and this is what we have somewhere in Uganda,” he said.

Bebe, urged people to help him save the baby from what he called a monster, he gave one million for whoever brought the woman to book.

“lest save this baby form by looking for this east and hand it to the Police. My offer is one million Uganda Shillings to whoever locates her and informs the nearest police,”

He also gave out a number 0776983199 to call on
Some netizens shared the grief with Bebe.

“such cold-blooded creatures only look like human beings but are far from being human beings, no child deserves such treatment.” 

“she should have been arrested a long time ago.”

We pray and hope the innocent soul is saved from such a beast.



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