"Bebe Cool Will Bewitch Bobi Wine one day," Says Kasuku

Live Bobi Wine alone

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Motor mouthed city journalist, Kasuku who also works with Dembe Fm and spark Tv, during a television show said the only thing left for Bebe Cool to do is to bewitch Bobi Wine.

This statement came when Kasuku was asked to give his opinion on what he thought about the Bebe Cool list of best performing artists which the latter does at the end of every year.

On the list, Bebe Cool listed Bobi Wine as the most under-performing artist of the year, this is despite a lot of winning Bobi Wine has done this year.

It is true, these two are sworn enemies and it looks like Bebe Cool holds the biggest potion of hatred.

Kasuku said at this rate, Bebe Cool is slowly tending to practicing witchcraft against Bobi wine, because according to him the hatred Bebe Cool is directing to Bobi Wine is sometimes uncalled for.

“ I want to tell Bebe Cool that if you wanted to include Bobi Wine in your list, you would have just done it, don’t add hatred to it because at this rate you are going to end up doing witchcraft against Bobi Wine."

He added that Bebe should accept that Bobi Wine is no longer in his league.“Bebe should just allow that Bobi Wine is not in his league anymore, trying to bring him down will not help," he said

Bebe Cool has been fighting with Bobi Wine for over 15 years ever since he left Firebase crew, and joined East African Bashment Crew right before starting up Gagamel Entertainment Crew.

Their hatred got worse when Bobi Wine joined politics and Bebe Cool remained a musician because Bebe Cool is a regime apologist while Bobi Wine is totally on parallels with the government.

We will be waiting to bring you the detail of Bebe Cool's witch craft when he eventually sets it rolling

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