Bebe Cool Biography: Music, Politics, And Endless Controversies

Are his political views controversial?

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Bebe Cool artist
Bebe Cool is a Ragga legend from Uganda who started his journey in 1997. He has over 20 years’ experience in the music industry. The musician started singing with a focus on raga and reggae but as times changed he also ventured into Hip Hop genre. 

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Bebe Cool is a pioneer of the music industry in Uganda and has built other generational artists such as Bobi Wine whom Bebe Cool says he helped develop musically

Read more to find out how Bebe Cool rose to fame and how he has maintained relevance in the music industry: 

Bebe Cool Age

Bebe Cool, whose real name is Moses Ssali, was born on the 1st of September in 1977. He is 44-years-old.

Bebe Cool Family

Bebe Cool was raised by his mother, Samalie Ssepuya, alongside his siblings. 

His father is Jaberi Bidandi Ssali, a former minister. Bebe Cool has spoke out about his father in the past saying that as much as Jaberi was rich he never provided for them as a family. Bebe Cool’s parents divorced when he was young and their father abandoned all responsibilities. 

“I grew up with my poor mother looking at Bidandi Ssali (his father) with a lot of money yet I had to foot every day from home in Kanyanya to school in Kitante,”Bebe Cool opened up.

The singer added that their mother operated a sewing machines and used the earnings from this hustle raise his siblings and him as a single parent. 

However, Bebe Cool has said that growing up without his father while seeing his mother raise 10 children on his own inspired him to become successful.  

Bebe Cool also recently celebrated his mother’s 79 birthday where he took to Twitter and thanked Allah for blessing him with her.

Bebe Cool Relationships and Marriage

Bebe Cool dated an unknown woman and has a child with her, a son named Allan Hendrick Ssali. 

Bebe Cool is married to Zuena Kirema, a longtime girlfriend he wedded in a civil marriage at Crane Chambers in 2003. However, Bebe Cool has promised Zuena that he will marry her in a flashy modern wedding in 2022.

Bebe Cool and Zuena in their early dating days

The couple are blessed with five children named Alpha Thierry Ssali, Deen Ozil Ssali, Beata Ssali, caysan Ssali and Eman Ssali. 

Bebe Cool spoke out about witnessing the live birth of his last born Eman Ssali and hilariously said that experience was enough vasectomy for him and he would require no other procedure as family planning.

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Zuena and Bebe Cool have been together for so long that they inspire couple goals among Ugandans. Zuena has spoken out about their relationship as she said the two met in 2002 at a party for Miss Uganda. However, Zuena refused to give Bebe Cool her number at first when he asked because she felt the singer was untidy with a vest and dreadlocks at a party. Zuena met Bebe Cool for the second time at a club where they chatted and she finally agreed to give him her number.

Currently, Zuena and Bebe Cool are deeply in love as they shower each other praises and adoration on their social media. Zuena has promised to love Bebe Cool always while Bebe Cool has praised Zuena for being a great mother, wife, and entrepreneur.

Bebe Cool Awards

Bebe Cool is an award-winning musician who has won many awards with the Prestigious HiPipo Music Awards-winning and won several accolades at Pearl of Africa Music Awards (PAM Awards) for his contributions in music. 

Here's a list of his awards:

Pearl of Africa Music Awards

2004 – Best Reggae Artist

2005 - Best Reggae Artist

2006 - Best Reggae Artist

2006 - Song of the Year

2007 - Best Reggae Artist/Group

2007 - Pearl of Africa Music Awards – Best Male Artist

2008 - Best Male Artist & Best Reggae Artiste/Group & Best Ragga Artist/Group 

2010 - Artist of the Year 

2010 - Best Reggae Artiste/Group and Album of the year

HiPipo Music Awards

2013 - Best Reggae Song with Rema (Missing You)

2013 - Artist of the Year

2014 - Best Male Ragga Song

2014 - Best Male RAGGA-DANCEHALL 

2014- Best on Stage Performer

2014 - Best Artist on Social Media

2014 - Best Male Artist

2014 - Artist of the Year

2015 - Best Male REGGAE Song 

2015 - Video of the Year

2015 - Best Concert Performance - Best of Bebe Cool Concert 

2015 - Most Active Fans Group - Gagamel Phamily

2015 - Best Male Artist 

2015 - Artist of the Year

Channel O Music Video Awards

2007- -Video of the year


2018 - Best Male Artiste in Eastern Africa 

2018 - Best African Rock 

Bebe Cool Controversy

Kyadondo Stadium bombing 

Bebe Cool was performing at the Kyadondo Stadium on 11 July 2010 when a bomb believed to be set by Al-Shabaab went off. The blast killed 74 people and 71 were injured. Bebe Cool was lucky to survive the incident. 

Uganda Police Force Inspector General Kale Kayihura stated, 

The information we have indicates the people who have attacked the Ethiopian Village were probably targeting expatriates.

 Bebe Cool VS King Saha 

In 2018, Bebe Cool came up with a list of some local artists who in his opinion had a successful 2017.
The musician decided to make it a culture of appreciation by releasing top artists who did exceptionally well the previous year. 

The veteran singer released the controversial list which had the likes of King Saha on it, but surprisingly, King Saha's name was marked with a warning to show he might need to work a little harder.

After the controversial list was released, the musician had an interview that aired on Facebook stating that King Saha is drowning in drugs and he would want musicians to organize group charity funding for the said artist, King Saha.

In clapping back, King Saha released his version of the list titled, “Most Foolish Artists of the last decade” and Bebe Cool was on the list too named as Bebe Fool

King Saha warned Bebe Cool to stay out of his personal life.

Bebe Cool VS  Kojja Omugenzi 

Kojja Omugezi took his beef with Bebe Cool to Facebook and his post was a threat to Bebe Cool’s mother. 
 Before the incident, Bebe Cool had received threats on WhatsApp threatening his family and this resulted in Bebe Cool talking about the matter publicly. 

According to Bebe cool, the threatening messages alluded to his political affiliation of the ruling party Nation Resistance Movement (NRM)

"Nobody knew that your lovely mum who’s over 70 years can be out in snow doing petty jobs for survival when you who’s supposed to help her retire peacefully you are busy running after Lumpens who are abusing and killing mothers on daily basis," Kojja omugezi said.

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Bebe Cool responded to the message that was sent by Kojj and said the following, 

"Threatening me won’t work, my mother is over 70 and she has seen it all. You causing harm to her won’t make me support your ideas/cause. Uganda’s opposition supporters think they will threaten their way to leadership, wish you luck. This man is an ex ADF rebel in Uganda who got asylum in Ireland, now sending threats to a Ugandan mother. You are so weak to a level that you are now resorting to threatening women and children. As for me, I will wait for the next assignment/by-election and work/results will speak again,” added Bebe Cool.

Bebe Cool and President Yoweri Museveni VS Bobi Wine

Bebe Cool is a vocal supporter of President Yoweri Museveni. His support of President Museveni has seen the musician clash with Bobi Wine, a fellow artist and a critic of the president. Bobi Wine has constantly referred to President Museveni as a dictator and he was his main rival during the last Uganda presidential general elections.

Bebe Cool campaigned for President Museveni in 2016 and 2021. In 2016, Bebe Cool released a song called Tubonga Nawe used to support President Museveni’s presidential bid. His fans were disappointed and angered by his support of President Museveni as they accused him of betraying the revolution to remove a dictator.

Bebe Cool has also ridiculed Bobi Wine on many occasions as he sees the singer as a rival. He constantly humiliated the movement for Bobi Wine when the Kyandondo East MP was arrested and placed in military detention for two weeks. While Bobi Wine supporters used the #freebobiwine, Bebe Cool mocked them with the #freebebecool. Bebe Cool fans could not understand why he was not speaking out against human rights violation considering Bobi Wine was injured during the detention and had to go abroad to seek medical treatment.

Bebe Cool Philanthropy

Bebe Cool is a firm believer in giving back in society.
 In 2018, he launched the Amber Heart Foundation that supports activities of TB patients, creates awareness on HIV/AIDS, and empowers women.  

“I have been carrying out several charity activities but I have now felt the need to consolidate all these activities under one umbrella hence the birth of ‘The Amber Heart Foundation,” said Bebe Cool during its launch.

Bebe Cool touched the hearts of many in 2018 when he organized a concert dubbed The Golden Heart and used proceedings from it to sponsor medical treatment of five kids who had heart disease. 

Due to his philanthropic efforts, in 2019 Bebe Cool was appointed ambassador of TB in Uganda and in 2020 The Amber Heart Foundation received a grant of shs1.4 billion ( $400,000) to help in the fight against Tuberculosis in the districts of Kampala, Jinja and Mbarara.

This grant was by partners from Stop TB Partnership, which is an initiative funded by the Government of Canada and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bebe Cool Net Worth

 Bebe Cool's exact net worth is not known, but is estimated to be around $ 2.6 million. 

He is known to drive some of the most expensive cars. He has always mentioned that his music is his biggest investment.

Bebe Cool is also a proprietor of some private businesses though he has not shared any details on it.

Bebe Cool remains one of Uganda's best artists who remains focused on giving the fans great music.

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