Sad Day For Bebe Cool's Son

Nobody saw this coming

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As the Ugandan Musicians Association (UMA) elections draw nearer by the day, we have to admit that we can barely keep up with the daily twists and turns. If there’s one thing about the elections that we never saw coming, it had to be when Allan Hendrick confirmed his nomination. 

Well, it’s not a good day for the musician seeing that he will no longer be an active participant in the UMA elections. Allan Hendrick, better yet known as Moses Ssali, has officially been eliminated from the nominated list of candidates vying for the vice president position.

News of his termination took the netizens by surprise seeing that majority of people were vouching for him. According to the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) regulations, Moses Ssali was not eligible for candidacy for failing to fully comply with the membership regulations. Not only that, but also, he hasn’t been an active member for more than two years. 

As you can already imagine, this was such a huge blow for Moses and his supporters. The musician didn’t take the news laying down as he has since addressed the issue. Following the news of his elimination, Moses went ahead and laid down the plans he had for UMA if elected. 

“I hereby express my intention for UMA vice presidency with the following intentions: unity in the industry, digitizing the industry, legal protection of our craft, engagement of all musicians across the country and no politics in the music business,” Moses declared.
 “The sustainable success of digital transformation comes from a carefully planned organisational change management. The digital world has become safer and with that, came into existence many great ideas. Please vote me and all digital musical challenges will come to end. Thank you,” he added.

The musician had a vast number of supporters who backed him up including social media bloggers Kaye Wisdom and Isma Olaxess. Moses was running against Daddy Andre who has since quit the UMA race altogether.

In as much as the musician had a vast number of supporters, his father Bebe Cool, didn’t endorse him. Not much has been said by Bebe Cool regarding the stance he took when it came to his son’s candidature but the public is still pressing for answers. 

While it is indeed sad that Bebe Cool’s eldest son is no longer an eligible candidate, we hope that his intended plans for UMA will still be implemented by the remaining nominees. 


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