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Are these the most expensive cars in Uganda?

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Jose Chameleone and Zari Hassan with their best cars
When you are famous, it’s important to build a public image that suits your fame. This includes driving expensive luxurious cars, dressing in designer clothes, living in giant mansions and dining in fine establishments.

These Ugandan celebrities have lots of money and a big appetite for expensive posh cars. Let’s take a look at some of their most expensive cars.

Bobi Wine

The Ghetto president is the richest musician in Uganda and East Africa, and he knows how to roll like the big boy that he is.

Bobi Wine drives expensive machines that match his wealth and status. Some of the sleek cars found in his garage include a GMC Yukon, a Toyota Tundra, Toyota Prado TX, and a 2002 Cadillac Escalade.

Bobi Wine's Bulletproof V8, credit: Instagram

However, the most expensive car in his garage is a rare bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser V8 that he acquired in 2021, shortly after all the drama that followed the general elections.

The fully armoured monster on wheels runs on a 5.7-liter V8 engine that produces 381 horsepower. It also has an excellent interior design and is fully customized with a voice-activated touch-screen navigation system and a great sound system.

Bobi Wine, who claimed that the car was gifted to him by well-wishers, must have wealthy friends because the vehicle is valued at a whooping UGX 600 million.

SK Mbuga

SK Mbuga is one controversial yet very rich Ugandan socialite.

Even though his source of wealth is very questionable, and he has been in trouble a couple of times for being associated with criminal dealings, it has not stopped the socialite from living extravagantly and splurging carelessly.

SK Mbuga loves to drive in big cars and has a fleet of posh cars with big brands, including a Rolls Royce, Hummer, Range Rover Sport, a Mercedes Benz, and a Lamborgini.
The most famous luxury car in SK Mbuga’s garage is perhaps his Ferrari, which costs around UGX 600 million.

The luxury machine was a source of controversy, as he got himself all tangled up with URA over tax evasion.

Zari Hassan

The Boss Lady is undoubtedly one of the richest women in East Africa, and she knows how to live the boss that she is.
Zari, who is the owner of a college in South Africa where she currently resides, owns a fleet of luxury cars in South Africa and Uganda.

Some of the luxury rides that she owns in Uganda include a Chrysler 300C and a Mercedes E. She has another fleet of expensive cars in South Africa that comprises a Range Rover Evoque, a Mercedes Benz E250, An Audi Q, and a Bentley, which is her latest.
From her collection of luxurious cars, our favourite is the Hummer H2, whose current market rate is not less than UGX 185 million when brand new and is powered by a 3700cc V8 engine.

This beautiful four-wheel-drive sits in her garage in Uganda, and like her other cars, it’s customized with her name.

Jose Chameleone

The owner of Leone Island Empire is one of the richest musicians in Uganda and owns some of the best cars in the region.

The ‘Badilisha’ hitmaker’s garage has luxurious cars only, including a Monster Cadillac Escalade 2004 that goes for around UGX 200 million, a Rolls Royce, a red Range Rover Sport, and an Audi. All these cars cost more than most of us have in the banks.

His most extravagant car and our favourite from his collection is a Bentley Continental GTC Convertible that he purchased in 2018.

This British baby goes for around 900 million shillings. Like his other cars, the Bentley that runs on a 4.0L Twin-Turbo V8 Gas is fully customized with his name.

Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo is another rich Uganda musician who loves to drive in fast expensive cars. The superstar who has enjoyed international fame and recognition has some of the best cars in his garage.

He owns two Range Rovers and a Land Cruiser V8 2019. In a modest Instagram post, Eddy Kenzo posted a picture of his three best babies on wheels with the caption: 
“3 for one person 👑👑👑”

The V8, which some speculated that it was gifted to him, costs around 300 million, so whoever bought it is super loaded.

Which of these cars would you love to own, even for just one day? Let us know in the comments.

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