Bobi Wine Is Not Untouchable-President Museveni.


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While addressing the issue of riots that wreaked havoc in Uganda after presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine was arrested in Luuka in Iganga District, President Museveni said during the nation address that, “the feeling that Kyagulanyi is untouchable because he is politician and prompts people to riot must never be repeated.”

Museveni added that if Bobi wine’s supporters should have waited for their candidate to be arraigned before court instead of them rioting.

He also warned that the attacks on people wearing National Resistance Movement (NRM) shirts, the attack on officers in uniform must never happen again, and whoever has ears should listen because they are not doing anyone a favor to obey the law’

The riots led to the death of 52 people, amongst which the president said 32 were rioters according to the reports he had, he noted that some were hit by stray bullets while others were knocked. He promised government would compensate those that lost relatives that were not involved in riots.

On the same night Museveni was holding his state of the nation address, Bobi wine too was holding a parallel address via his social media handles, from the look of things, Bob Wine had more than twenty thousand people watching while President Museveni was between one thousand to three thousand people watching.
The screen shot shows the number of people that watched Bobi wine's address

In his address, Bobi wine condemned the brutal killings that happened when he was locked up in Nalufenya, and promised his voters that when he gets into power he will serve people above self because his government will be for the people.
The screen shot shows the number of people were watching President Museveni's address on one of the TV stations

The legislator holds his addresses online because all media houses in Uganda were instructed not broadcast any Bobi wine related content that would  shame the regime, Even during the riots,  it is on record that no media house in Ugandan exposed the real brutality that took place during the riots when Bobi wine was arrested in Luuka. He ahs also on several occasions been blocked from speaking on some radio stations.

Most TV stations were running cartoons and Soap Operas including NTV, a station thought to be for the people.

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