Bobi Wine Lands Tv Station Into Big Loss

It Will End In Tears

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Bobi Wine is not yet done, he is just getting started. He won’t tire until all his adversaries are down to the ground.

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It is a public secret that Kyagulanyi Sentamu commonly known as Bobi Wine did not agree with the election results that were pronounced by the electoral commission.

The legislator claimed that the election was flawed with massive rigging, violence, and persecution National Unity Platform (NUP) supports.

Upon that ground, Bobi said that he was going to overthrow  President Museveni in a space of one year and he will start by petitioning the election results.

However, before he does that, Bobi is not going to live any of his adversaries standing, one of them being NBS TV.

In a letter directed to NBS TV, the legislator alleged that the Tv station connived with the government to cook up numbers in favor of the ruling party.

In his words, Bobi  said, “ At the height of the most fraudulent election in our nation's history, after the regime locked out credible election observers and cut off the internet; after the regime came out and said that no one except the Electoral Commission had the authority to release election results, NBS was at hand to assist the dictatorship in committing the vilest crime against the people of Uganda.

“ NBS claimed to have established its own Tally Center (which other media houses were not allowed to do), and by 11:00 pm, they were saying that Museveni had 63% from several districts. Most citizens wondered where these results were coming from. To complete their well-calibrated plan, they lined up some so-called analysts to justify the results. It was clear the intention was to create the impression that Museveni was leading, this was done to dampen the spirits of the citizens who had roundly rejected the dictatorship. Shame upon whoever was part of the plot to subvert the will of the people. Ugandans are certainly watching.”

Upon that ground, he wrote a protest letter to the Tv station to express his disappointment.

What followed, was a mass exodus of followers from the station to another rival station, this was done by unfollowing NBS TV and joining another rival Tv.

This was reflected in the numbers of views during the 7 O’clock bulleting, NTV had more than 6000 viewers while NBS had as low as 800, for a station that has more than 1 million followers, this is unlikely.

The last person to experience this kind of wrath is Pastor Bugembe who was accused of castigating Bobi for castigating the presidential results.

If this trend continues on NBS, a lot of losses will be registered.

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