Bobi Wine Works for Museveni!

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The talk of the nation right now is about Bobi Wine’s Car, everyone young and old is talking about the car.

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The Toyota land cruiser was made public by Bobi Wine about a week ago when he outed a public notice of appreciation to his fans in the diaspora who contributed greatly towards buying him an armored car.

This statement caught the attention of Ugandans who became so excited about the monster ride, many took pictures of the car, while some offered to wash the car for free. The excitement was on steroids.

Another section of Ugandans cast doubt on the car saying chances were high that the car was not armored, insinuating that Bobi Could have lied to the people.

Frank Gashumba said it was very hard to believe that Bobi Wine’s car was armored because, before an armored car gets into the country, it has to be okayed by the ministry of defense and the Police. After all, an armored car is more like a weapon.

Ismah Olaxess, the blogger of the ruling party NRM also claimed that the car was given to Bobi by president Museveni.

Now, city Pastor, Bujingo has shared his sentiments on the same claiming Bobi Wine works for the government. 

This he claimed because he believed that for a person to have an armored car, he or she must be a close associate to the government because not anybody can drive an armored car.

“don’t you wonder how that bulletproof car was cleared in a government like Museveni’s, if a car is armored, it is a weapon, not anybody gets a bulletproof car, it means the government was aware of how the car got unto the country. You can’t do that if the government is not your friend,” said Bujingo

We don’t know how true what Bujingo said is, but what we can say is that the pastor must high on the holy spirit or something to do with some weeds.

Upon all these theories flying around about the car, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has also ordered Bobi Wien to explain how the car got into the country.

He has been given until March 3 to do so else, the car becomes government property. This is despite the fact the car was cleared by URA.

 We are yet to hear from Bobi Wine

We will keep you posted


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