Brian White Battling Witchcraft

He Is Still Fighting

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He was known to many Kampalans as the rich young man who was arrogant and had nothing to do with the money he had acquired at the time.

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The source of his money, nobody knows but Brian White insisted he inherited his late Italian father’s property which was worth billions of money.

At the end of the day, it all ended in tears as Brian White lost all the money and cars he had acquired during the short stint of his money and fame.

Things really did not go well for him, his cars were impounded by Police over unpaid debts, all the people that were close to him when he had the money deserted him.

Then came the last stroke on the horse’s back-he fell sick and suddenly was left alone to suffer by everyone who pretended to love him.

 It was rumored that Brian White was battling a terminal illness that was almost taking his life.

For three months he was bedridden until he could no longer afford hospital bills, this was when he was taken back to his home because it would be cheaper to receive treatment from.

After months of checkups and finding nothing, it was discovered that Brian White was bewitched by his adversaries.

Kasuku who revealed this information said that Brian White was helped by a Moslem cleric who prayed for him, it is upon that ground that he got a little bit better.

“It is the Moslem cleric that helped him get back on his feet, but he was bewitched by one of the people in town over favors from president Museveni,” said Kasuku.

Currently, Brian white is fairing despite the fact that he has lost his step, he has to lip for him to easily walk.


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