Bruno K Has Balls!

How Could He?

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Bruno K broke came into the limelight through the Agot-Talent show that was organized by a telecommunication network-Airtel,  about six years ago, at the time, Bruno was being managed by MC kats.

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Even though he did not win the contest, the show exposed him to a big female fan base which transformed him from being a cover artist to the sweet R & B singer we see today.

However, his success as an R&B singer has come at a price, the artist has often been accused of having affairs with some of the well-known women in Kampala.

At one point he was even linked to a city sugar mummy, Don Zella, but he denied the allegations. The freshest of the allegations is one in which he was linked to news anchor/Tv host, Faridah Nakazibwe.

It was alleged that Faridah used to frequent the young man’s Kafunda in Nankulabye all the time and that is where they used t have their good times.

What followed later was Faridah hosting Bruno on her popular show-Mwasuze mutya, on the show, Bruno expressed his disappointment in people who were wrongfully accusing him of being intimate with Faridah.

He claimed he had never met Faridah and their first meeting was at the show. After the show, Bruno dropped a song titled Faridah. And made money after the whole scandal.

The two became so close to the extent that as we speak, Bruno became family to Faridah and a good friend to her daughters.

Bruno is teaching one of Faridah’s daughters how to play guitar.
This service, Bruno claims, he offers at a fee, we can’t confirm nor rubbish his statement. 

But we can confirm here is that Bruno would date Faridah had she not to have kids.

This, he revealed during an interview with NBS TV, “ I would date Faridah because she has all the qualities of a woman any man would want to have in a woman”

Eeeh!!!!! this young man has big balls to say such a statement to a woman who has been single for quite some time now. 

We think that this statement might make Bruno a lucky man as Faridah might just give him chance to do a road test.

We are confident that this might happen because first of all, Bruno has exhibited that he can be a good father to her daughters and secondly, he has the confidence to say how he feels about her.

Best of luck Bruno


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