Buchaman Wanted By Police

He Is Athreat

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If God had given  singer Buchaman two complete legs, Uganda would be in trouble, but boy, God is a very wise Man, he knew if he did, then by now, Buchaman would have beaten the hell out of very Ghetto resident.

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Buchaman is physically impaired in a way that he has only one fully functional leg, the other one has issues and therefore he has to use a walking stick to help him move with ease.

He is a former Bobi wine ally who succeeded to form his own rival government after the two fell out, he went to create his Ghetto government and named himself Ghetto president

Despite Bucha being physically impaired, he is the cousin to havoc in the Ghetto. Last year, 2020, Buchaman together with his hooligans pounced on Luga flow rapper Rocky Giant.

The reason, Rocky had tried to usurp his powers by calling himself Ghetto president, a title he felt was only meant for himself-Buchaman.

Rocky Giant was flogged like a chicken thief, he cried like a baby and begged to be forgiven, only then was he left alone.

This could be another hobby Buchaman has discovered as he has pounced on another victim named Aziz Kimera.

Kimera who reported the case of assault and threatening violence alleges that Buch man beat him up and cut off his dreadlocks.

He adds that Bucha man also threatened to do more harm to him if at all he crossed his sight again.

The case is now in police and Buchaman is wanted

Ever since Buchaman was named presidential advisor on Ghetto issues, the fallen singer has grown an ego that has made him look untouchable.

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