Canary Mugume's Girlfriend Unbothered By Rape Allegations, Surprises Boyfriend

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As the year 2020 came to an end, we ran a story about Cherry Gisha who claimed that NBS investigative journalist Canary Mugume had raped her when the two were still together. It turned out; someone was trying to blackmail the journalist.

Gisha pinned Canary of forcefully raping her back in 2018 and then after dumped her like a rug no wonder after passing through a lot of trauma and psychological torture for two good years, she decided to expose him to get justice.

Through his social media handles, Canary has made the record straight how he is being victimized with blackmail by a group of people because of their intentions.

He has cautioned his followers to treat the allegations about him on rape and being gay as fake since he is yet to expose the entire blackmail group aiming at tarnishing his reputation.

"Her pictures are being used wrongly to blackmail me. The real person in the picture is called Eliyah Abdul who I spoke to on phone yesterday.

  "Cherry Gisha’ is a catfish & is a boy tweeting. How do you blackmail an investigative journalist who will find out who you are?" he added

Treat everything from this Cherry account as fake. The boy tweeting will soon be exposed with his entire blackmail group, who are paid just to spoil people’s names," Canary stated.

As the journalist plots to expose whoever is behind his blackmail, he took off time to celebrate his birthday.

The small celebration which was majorly attended by a few close fronds like Andrew Mwenda was organized by his girlfriend, Sasha Ferguson

For a man that was accused of rape and homosexuality, one would think she would have given up on him, but Sasha looked unbothered by what was going on.

We cant wait to see the blackmailer.
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