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Must be nice to be them

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One of the perks that come with fame and stardom is the big bucks, well at least for some celebs.

Some of our celebrities are rolling in money and they sure know how to go big when it comes to living the high life.

Let’s take a look at some of these celebs and some of the most luxurious things they’ve bought for themselves.

Jose Chameleone

Uganda’s top musician/producer Jose Chameleone sure knows how to roll like the big boys.

The king of Leone Island Empire loves the finer things in life like giant mansions and luxury cars.

Some of the deluxe drives in his garage include a Range rover sports and a Rolls Royce- it appears that Chameleone has an appetite for American and European luxury machines. 
In 2016, he imported a monster Cadillac escalade that is worth around Sh.7 million from Miami, USA. The monster machine that was nicknamed ‘The Leone’ is fully customized with a home theatre with six LCD screens- four on the back seats’ headrests, the inner side of the car’s roof, and the fourth one on the dashboard.

He also bought a Bentley GTC convertible worth about Sh. 25 million in 2018 which he showed to his fans in an Instagram video.
His expensive toys aside, Chameleone also loves living his large life in large palaces, in July 2021, he bought a second home in the US worth USD 400K.   

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine who was named the richest artist in Uganda by Forbes owns giant mansions in the leafy suburbs of Kampala, a fleet of sleek cars including his famed Sh.15 Million bulletproof black Toyota SUV, and expensive jewelry among other properties.

One of his most extravagant properties yet is his private beach in Africa’s biggest lake- Lake Victoria known as the One Love Beach Busabala. 
It must be nice to have enough money to get up in the morning return in the evening with a beach title deed in your name, don’t you think?

Eddy Kenzo

The Sitya Loss hitmaker is another Ugandan star who makes big bucks and knows how to spend big.

One of the most talked-about properties that he owns is his mansion in the high-end neighborhood of Segeku.

The 15-rooms mansion is valued at 1.5 Million shillings and sits on a 1,394 square metres piece of land. It has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a solar power backup plan.

Kenzo is also known to have an appetite for monster toys and owns the likes of a Land Cruiser V8 2019 model. In of his Instagram posts with three sleek cars, he has put the caption "three for one"

Bebe Cool

Moses Sssali aka Bebe Cool is another rich and famous Ugandan who has tasted what money can buy.
In 2019, after being mocked for living in a house not fit for his status, Bebe Cool unveiled his dream house which was under construction in the posh Ntinda areas.

After his nemesis, Bobi Wine was gifted with a bulletproof drive, Bebe Cool came out to say that Bobi’s car was a second hand. He also revealed that his 2021 BMW X7 was worth three Bobi Wine’s SUV.

Zari Hassan

Zarina Hassan famously known as the Boss Lady is one of the richest women in Uganda.

Zari relocated to South Africa to manage her property after her ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga passed on
In 2018, after gifting herself with a Range Rover Evoque, she said:

  "Good morning to all. From last year I knew I wanted to buy this car. Been working so hard waking up at 4am at times, even taking gigs I shouldn’t have but I knew every cent will count. I don’t have a sponsor nor am I dating. I earned it, I paid it!!!! When am ready I’ll open up to the next person but right now it’s just me and my babies.”

Besides the Range, the Boss lady also owns a Black Mercedes Benz E250, An Audi Q, and a Bentley in South Africa and when she is in Uganda she has the option of choosing from her collection of Mercedes Benz Convertible, a Chrysler, or a Hummer.

The big question today is, if you decide to work hard this year and wake up at 4 am everyday like Zari, which car can you buy from all your combined savings?

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