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Born with a silver spoon

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Coming from a rich family is one of the ingredients for success but that doesn't mean that everybody who is born to a rich family succeeds, some just end up as spoilt kids with zero goals.

Today we look at some of our celebs who come from rich families but have created a name for themselves away from their family's money. 

Although we recognize and appreciate their talents, we cannot help but wonder if they would have been that great if they had come from different backgrounds.


Famous rapper/producer Navio is one of those people who were born in the right families.
Navio whose real name is Daniel Lubwama Kigozi was born in 1983. While his father, the late Daniel Serwano Kigozi was an engineer, his mother Dr. Maggie Kigozi is a medical doctor and a consultant at  United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

He went to top elite schools like St. Andrews in Kenya, Aga Khan Schools and International school of South Africa.

His background aside, Navio has managed to carve his own name out and develop his talent and career independently.

He has a number of awards in his pocket and is considered one of the best rappers in Uganda.

Nadia Kabahita Matovu

Socialite Nadia Kabahita Matovu is tycoon Charles Mbiire’s daughter.
Nadia was born into money and sure does know how to spend it well. She got married to her long-term bae Yasser Matovu in a lavish wedding that was held in South Africa and graced by big names such as Burna Boy in 2016.

Nadia has created a career for herself away from her father’s status and money. She is a fashionista, entrepreneur, and content creator and she is doing quite well, it didn't hurt that she has financial roots that helped her start. 

Sheila Gashumba

Journalist and TV personality, Sheila Gashumba had quite a nice upbringing having been born in a well-to-do family.

Her father’s connection had something to do with the early peak in her career. In case you didn’t know, Sheila Gashumba is the daughter of Frank Gashumba- a well-known political commentator.

Sheila’s media career started at 12 when she got a gig as a host for a Kid’s TV show. She moved to NTV where she hosted a Teen’s TV show called T-nation and has grown since then.

While having a good background acted as a stepping stone to Sheila Gashumba's success, we believe that the star would have made a name for herself regardless.

Gloria Wavamunno

Designer and Founder of Kampala Fashion Week, Gloria Wavamunno grew in money.
Her father Gordon Wavamunno, is one of the richest people in Uganda and the owner of Wava Group of companies, her mother on the other hand is a fashion designer like her and the owner of MOWA fashions. 

Gloria attended international schools after which she launched her own career in the fashion industry. See what a good background can do for you?

Solomon Kampala

At 16 years old, Solomon has already tried a hand in music, which didn’t work out well before becoming an actor.

The future looks bright for this budding star who has already appeared in a short film called “By Ourselves.” He has also already established a strong social media presence, with stars like Kanye West following him on Instagram.

Do you think you would have succeeded in life had you been born into a rich family? Leave us a comment below,

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