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With a huge fan base and a good number of social media following, celebrities are the perfect people to promote a brand because a single post on their social media has the potential to reach millions of people.

Today we look at some of our favourite celebrities who have secured big deals. Whenever you see your celeb posing with a bottle of water just know that they are busy at work. 

Anne Kansiime

This comedian has created a big name and brand for herself and is well-known throughout  Africa and beyond, making her one of Uganda’s most sought-after brand ambassadors.

In 2016, Kansiime was named the brand ambassador for DSTV. She also went to secure other deals with Sasuza Visa and Lato Milk. In 2021, she further signed two new promotional deals with Mukwano Industries and Chipper, adding to her revenue streams.
It appears that Africa’s Queen of Comedy is a piece of hot cake given how all the big brands are after her, and we get why. Anne does an excellent job in promoting the brands she represents; the fact that she reaches millions of people on her social media platforms is a bonus.

Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone is one of the biggest names in the East African entertainment industry. He is one of the few old-school stars who continue to dominate the industry 20 years on.
Given his status, Jose Chameleone is a big catch in the marketing world. He has endorsed big brands like Star Times, PalBet, and iDroid.

In 2018, the ‘Valu Valu’ hitmaker was named Uganda’s sole brand ambassador for Pepsi, joining other big stars like Tiwa Savage and WizKid, who are also sole ambassadors in their countries.

Anita Fabiola

A genius way to market beauty products is through beautiful women, and corporates know that too well.
The fabulous Anita Fabiola has landed a number of deals owing to her talent and irresistible looks.

Some of the big brands she has represented include Jumia Uganda, Lux Belaire, Paramour Cosmetics, and most recently, Minama Skincare

This beauty queen is reaping hard from her image and we just like how she keeps winning.

Lydia Jazmine

This diva is one of the top female artists in Uganda; with her good music, she has garnered a huge fan base. A single post on her Instagram can reach up to 1 million followers. Now that’s what we call a goldmine.
Lydia Jazmine is one of the lucky artists who have landed a good number of lucrative deals. Some of the brands she has worked with include Huawei, Infinix, and Radiant Cosmetics.

In 2021, while many artists complained about Covid-19 ruining their lives, Lydia Jazmine was busy making big bucks from all her endorsement deals. The star claimed that she was only surviving on money from endorsements.

Zari Hassan

The Boss Lady is another name that corporates love to work with. 

Zari is a well-known socialite, entrepreneur, and influencer across East Africa as well as South Africa where she is currently based. She enjoys overwhelming social media support with over 10 million followers on Instagram alone.

Some of the big brands that Zari represents include Kleesoft and Softcare- just to name a few. The heiress of Brooklyn City Colleges is also Tanzania’s tourism ambassador. 

Based on your social media content and followers alone, which company would you like to represent as a brand ambassador? Your local kiosk doesn’t count, by the way.

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