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It is an undeniable fact that money runs the world. It is the key to all the basic necessities and fine things in life.

Although some might argue that money can’t buy happiness, it can buy things that can make you happy. It would be a change of pace to be unhappy in your yacht, don’t you think?

Today we take a look at some of our richest celebs and discuss some of their money-making ventures. 

Bobi Wine

Self-proclaimed Ghetto President, Bobi Wine is currently the richest artist and not just in Uganda but East Africa as a whole.

Bobi Wine’s current net worth is estimated at about USD 9 million by Forbes and it all comes from his hustles as a musician, actor, entrepreneur, and politician.

Bobi started from the bottom. He was born in a humble family and was raised in Kamwookya slums, but that did not stop him from getting where he is right now.

He currently owns a good number of executive private property, among them a beach in Busibola, several buildings, and a couple of sleek drives among them a bulletproof V8.

We draw our inspiration from Bobi Wine today, whatever dreams you have of a better future are valid, you just have to get up and work on them.

Jose Chameleone

The second loaded celeb on our list today is “Jamila” hitmaker Joseph Mayanja aka Dr. Jose Chameleone.

Chameleone is one of the most famous and among the richest musicians in East Africa. He began his music career in the late 1990s under Ogopa Deejays, a Kenyan record label, and quickly rose to fame.

His talent in music has opened a lot of good doors for him including collabos with other music legends such as Professor Jay, Davido, and Konshens. 

He has also performed on international stages and bagged a good number of awards thanks to his music.

On top of all those good things, Chameleone has also made some good bucks from his work as a musician, indeed talent pays.

Together with his career as a musician, Chameleone is a producer and owns his own production company- Leone Island Music Empire. He is also a real estate investor both in Uganda and abroad and has tried his hand in politics in the past.

All these ventures bring his total net worth to an estimate of USD 8 million.

Bebe Cool

At an estimate of a whole USD 5.62 Million, it would be a mistake if Bebe Cool missed on this list.

Bebe Cool is a legendary musician in his own right. His music career has spun for over 20 years and has been marked with awards and international recognition.

Apart from music, which is his primary career, Bebe Cool is also an actor, a music producer, and philanthropist.

The Love you everyday hitmaker owns a chunk of property among them a house in Lubowa area, which is one of the most expensive houses in Uganda.

Ragga Dee

Daniel Kazibwe, alias Ragga Dee has been a star for over three decades now. 

While music is his main source of income, Ragga Dee is also a well-established businessman with a hand in real estate, luxury car dealership, mining among other enterprises.

This self-proclaimed godfather of Ugandan artists knows how to work hard and roll even harder.

He owns property in high-end parts of Uganda such as his mansion in Nalumunye Estate. As a luxury car enthusiast, Ragga Dee owns several sleek machines such as a Mercedes Benz ML and an Escalade V8.

His total net worth is estimated at a whopping USD 5.51 Million.

Geoffrey Lutaaya

Going with this trend, I think we should all try our luck in the music industry or politics and see if we can score big too.

Kakuuto county MP and Baby girl Baby Boy hitmaker Geoffrey Lutaaya is another loaded artist-cum-politician on our list. 

Geoffrey Lutaaya started his career as an Afro-pop musician in the late 1990s and has managed to stay relevant for more than two decades. His first breakthrough was when he landed a solar energy advertisement that paid quite well.

Although he struggled a bit before his career peaked, Geoffrey’s resilience and determination has something to do with his immense success.

Geoffrey has invested his funds in land and business, he particularly has a keen interest in the restauranting business and he owns several restaurant chains including, a food factory in Kansanga.

With all his hustles combined, Geoffrey Lutaaya’s net worth is estimated at around $350,000.

Who among these celebs net worth shocked you the most and which other celeb's net worth would like to know? Let us know in the comment section.

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