Chosen Becky Opens Up About Her First Sex Encounter

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Singer Rebecca Kukiriza is commonly known as Chosen Becky finally opened up to the world revealing that she gave birth to her firstborn Hrim at the tender age of 16 years.

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The Bankuza hitmaker opened up about giving birth at an early age during an interview on NBS TV UnCut show.

She disclosed that she fell in love with a school photographer identified as Jjagwe Ronald while in senior three and the result was getting pregnant.

Having got pregnant, she faced it rough from her parents and was also forced to leave home to seek refuge at the photographer’s home.

After giving birth, Chosen Becky then decided to involve herself in music and fortunately met with Victor Kamenyo who linked her to Nick’s Production management and she has never looked back.

This is a very surprising revelation because when Becky had just come into the music industry, she looked so innocent.

When she was hosted on Mwasuze Mutya on NTV with Faridah Nakazibwe, she knelt greeting the host, this made people think she was a virgin.

Kumbe the young girl had already started chewing things at an early age. It reminds us of never judging a book by its cover.

So a little Mathematics here, if she gave birth at 16, it is possible that Becky could have conceived at 15 years, such attender age.

You can imagine how much experience she is carrying under her sleeves.

The singer added second born last year. This could be her walking the talk of giving birth before she hits menopause


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