Cindy Sanyu Sees No Competition in King Saha

The seat is mine!

By  | Apr 19, 2022, 11:50 AM  | Cindy  | Top of The

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Cindy Sanyu no longer sees King Saha as a worthy competitor. The 36-year-old musician says that the musicians who are supporting Saha are not even members of the association. “Most of those people are not registered as UMA members. It is just showbiz. It will be a landslide victory for me,” she stated.

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She added that her manifesto is all about responsibility, leadership and reconciliation. She took over the seat after musician Ykee Benda resigned after being nominated for that position.

Following Maurice Kirya’s dropout from the race, Cindy’s main competitor is Saha who has been endorsed by the likes of Khalifah Aganaga and Sheebah. Members of the association have in the past referred to Cindy as a dictator and one who has failed to bring Ugandan musicians together. She, however, has said that she is now ready to do these things.

“We still have a lot to do. There are many projects that we have been working on, like copyright law and more. I need some more time to finish. Last year, there were many fights in the industry so I decided to take a step back. That’s why some people said they could not approach me. This year is for reconciliation. I am going to reach out to different people to mend fences,” Cindy stated.

Cindy Sanyu announces that she wanted to vie again because the pandemic had interfered with the quality of her work and she would like another term to do things better and finish what she started. Bebe Cool had earlier stated that neither she nor King Saha has the capability to lead other artists in the country. 

King Saha was officially nominated to run for the top seat in the oncoming elections and his nomination to run as the President of UMA shocked Ugandans and the music fraternity in the country as well.

He blamed that on Cindy’s inability to take criticism positively. This may explain her reduced popularity for the seat. Could it be that Cindy’s popularity status has decreased in the music industry? Cindy Sanyu was and still remains one of the biggest female artists to have ever graced the Ugandan music industry.

She is without a doubt, a household name seeing that she kick-started her career when she was a teenager. It was then that Cindy crossed paths with Jean Steve, a producer, who ensured that she participated in Coca Cola Pop Stars.

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