Confused Ronald Mayinja Dumps Bobi Wine Again for Tibuhaburwa

Camouflaging Ronald Mayinja

By  | Oct 29, 2020, 03:36 PM  | Top of The

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Golden Band member Ronald Mayinja has again surprised his fans and followers after releasing a campaign song praising Uganda’s long serving military leader Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni who is seeking to extend his rule to 40 years. 

Ronald Mayinja a known Museveni critic in his famous songs of ‘Tulikubunkenke, Africa, Bizemu’ among others has of recent years been changing like a chameleon and was reportedly rewarded heavily by Museveni but he later denied.

Few months ago he made a U-turn and apologized to Bobi wine and his National Unity Platform for having betrayed them but less than 40 days in his lie, Mayinja has again made another U-turn as the country heads to the general elections. 

In the new hit, Mayinja in a calm praise and worship mood sings about the positive side of Museveni and calling upon Ugandans to vote for him such that Ugandans keep enjoying his military rule. 

What’s your view about Mayinja’s color-changing character? 

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