Dj Jacob Omutuze Not Happy With Bobi wine

You Are Nolonger My Friends

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DJ Jacob Omutuze has been an outspoken supporter of the National Unity Platform(NUP) for a long time now. This, he has been even when he was denied a membership card for the party.

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It is surprising what could have led to this untimely exit at such a time when he is most needed by the party

The Dj hinted that the major reason he decided to live the party is that supporters and leaders of the NUP are not respectful.

“Even though I need change, there must respect for other people’s opinions and amicable understanding for one another, but these people do not want to listen to other opinions,” said the Dj

He added that he is no longer a friend to anyone in NUP because type party supporters don’t want any divergent views and constructive criticism.

“They just abuse people, they can’t let you say anything the rebukes Bobi Wine, I have been patient for a long time but I can’t wait any longer.”

Amidst such circumstance, Bobi Wine never speaks up or rebukes his supporters for insulting people, he simply keeps quiet.

Jacob also added that he had some reservations about the circumstances that led to him being denied the member card to NUP.

It is alleged that the membership card that was meant to be given to DJ Jacob was sold for 9 million Uganda shillings to a person yet to be disclosed.

Allegations of corruption have always been said about NUP but non has been confirmed with evidence.

For now, we can confirm that DJ Jacob is no longer a friend to people power and he does not want anything in connection to the party.

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