Dj Michael Brags About Acquiring New Beach

It Has been My Dream

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It is common for most Ugandans artists to sing for more than 20 years and have nothing to show for it. We have seen a number of them get ill and they don’t have money to take care of their hospital bills.

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In such cases, the public has always had to come in handy to help by putting car wash campaigns to raise money.

The reason why things happen like that is not known, but what we know is that many are in a swift race to overturn that narrative and lately a couple of them are showing what music has offered in their lives.

One of those people is Dj Michal, a self-proclaimed Dance Hall king who has been active in the music industry for more than 20 years, he has been through a lot, from failing to pay his rent, to fail music concerts and mostly financial hardships.

But today, he unveiled something he called his dream- owning a beach, the singer now owns a beach called Mutora Beach situated in Mukono district, it is relatively a big place, which from the look is still undergoing construction.

King Michael says the beach is going to be his retirement and escape plan from the hustle and bustle of Kampala and also something for him to make money out of apart from music.

He did not hesitate to take a jibe at his haters who used to laugh at him.

“When my concert flopped a lot of people laughed at me, but God has helped me a shame those that laughed at me, shame on you.”

Much as we are so happy about DJ Michael’s development, we wonder where did he get the money to acquire such a big chunk of land because the last time we checked, he was being pursued by his landlady for not paying his rent.

Was it the visit he paid to the president? It can’t be because it was so recent yet the beach looks like it has been in existence for so long.

Anyway, we are still happy for you Michael.

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