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Two weeks ago we reported that Kampala city socialite Sheila Nadegepopularly known as Nalongo Don Zella had sued Speke Hotel (1996) limited trading as Speke Apartments seeking damages worth $125,000 (about Shs 461 million).

The lawsuit came as a result of a robbery that led to her losing a lot of money and valuables.
 In the lawsuit filed before the High Court Civil Division, Don Zella states that on December 6, 2020, she rented two apartment rooms number 107 and 512 operated by Speke Apartments.
 However, on December 25 while she and her family members were away, a thief or thieves at around 4 pm, broke into her apartment room 107 and stole her properties worth Shs450 million.
 According to court documents, the said property was left in the locked apartment and also in the safe that was in the apartment for valuables which the thief or thieves allegedly unscrewed and stole.

The management of Speke Apartments says that the identified thief had been booked as Jeremiah Ojok in apartment number 110 for a day.”
 Through her lawyers of Semuyaba, Iga & Co Advocates, Don Zella alleges that the said loss was occasioned by the negligence of Speke Apartments to which she holds liable for her stolen properties.
 Court documents indicate that Don Zella lost eight passports requiring $2,000 (about Shs7 million) for replacement, two laptops and a hard drive worth $3,000 (about Shs11 million), jewelry worth $15,000 (about Shs55 million).

Other properties included; four phones worth $4,800 (about Shs18 million), two kids’ tablets worth $600 (about 2 million), a Nikon D850 camera worth $4,000 (14 million), cash of $90,000 (about Shs 332 million), and Shs30m.
 The police immediately came in and within a short while, the thieves were arrested and some of the money was recovered.

However, the police indicated that the money which was found on the thieves was counterfeit dollars which the thieves maintained was the same money to make away with.

Upon that ground, the management of Speke Apartments, called upon the American Embassy to intervene in the matter for they suspected Don Zella was running a counterfeit racket.

Now it has also been confirmed through CCTV video footage that Don Zella planned the theft with the thief with an aim to implicate Speke Apartments so that they can be paid for the alleged losses.

In the video, Don Zella’s sister and herself are seen with the thief having a good time. 

In fact, before the theft took place Don Zella's sister even spent a night in the thief's room.

She left the room the next morning, back to Don Zella's room where the thief followed her shortly.

When the thief walks into the room in which Don Zella and her sister were, he made away with a bag and a laptop. 

This happened when Don and her sister were in the room, reason enough to believe they knew what was happening.

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